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The Walking Dead : Chapter 1

By UnknownLegend

After i uploaded 3 missions i saw that those had some fail on typing and creation so i worked and fixed them.. I already finished the Chapter 1.. Each mission show what is going to happen simply by watching the Title.. Missions would be kinda hard if you dont cheat but ofcourse that is that good way becouse if you use cheats the missions will end pretty fast...
There is always the SWAT Squad, They will be on every mission you will do... You will first leave the airport to go at LVPD to search for any surviviors, You suddently find Chief, A boy and 2 girls... After a while you decide to leave the lvpd but it wont be easy ... the main door has been blocked and you need to find another way to get out.. after you find it you go down at pd garage... You take a vehicle and you all decide to leave Lv.. Afterwards you head to LS to find any gang to fight with them together.. You meet Sweet the Grove Leader and he lets you to stay.. at last mission you get attacked by a lot of zombies who got inside by one of your guys...

Hard Zombies Can simply die with headshoot.. But i didnt gave headshoot for every single zombie as it wouldent be fun..

Well if you play it i would really appreciatte some Comments...
Good or bad doesnt matter i just want to know what to improve in future..
Thank You.


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Added by BoomPow on May 09 2013, 10:12
Thank You Mate..
I will play it right now..

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