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GTA IV #1 -The Cousins Bellic-

By Dino Thunder XIV

Mission-based and fully converted to GTA SA environment ...
This is the first mission of the new series that I create! .. Hope you like it! ...

In this mission you control the famous character Niko Bellic of GTA IV get to SA in hopes of finding your cousin Roman who supposedly living the American dream .. but to get you realize that the only thing that is valuable in life are cockroaches and not cars, women and apartments Niko promethium!


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Jun 12 '13


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PLAYGTA 4 - Intro & Mission #1 - The Cousinsaeeal125Jun 01 2013, 18:24
"GTA 4 - Intro & Mission #1 - The Cousins"
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Added by Target13 on May 27 2013, 15:19
Is it English? because your previous missions are Spanish & I just lost interest
Added by Dino Thunder XIV on May 27 2013, 21:42
No...This Mission is on Spanish!...sorry!...all my missions!!
Added by Target13 on May 28 2013, 12:35
Its ok. inform me when you make English missions so I can play & give some feedback.
Added by Martincho on Jun 01 2013, 18:27
Eu, esta buenisima la mision, un poco de trabajo le falta nada mas pero 4 estrellas :)
Added by Dino Thunder XIV on Jun 02 2013, 17:19
Esque como veras es la primera mision de mi nueva saga!..Luego de un tiempo ira avanzando con mas personajes y accion!....con la trama actualizada al GTA SA!...me alegra que te haya gustado!...estoy trabajando en la 2da
Added by arhan on Jun 17 2013, 14:55
dfdsafgdsfgdsgnlmldsahsdh adsadasd sa das das da yaa u bitch if u call call this a language than mine is also a _ _ _ __ _

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