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The Journey Saga...Chapter 2


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The Journey Saga Mission Series by Alokik.

Chapter: 1 (Journey to unknown city)
As we saw that in chapter 1 that Robinson brother of Carl went to unknown city to save his brother from gangsters but Carl is not on ocean dock and a friend call is came and friend informed his that Carl is on Ship after reaching on ship, He saw that there is deal is a going between Gangsters so he decided to spoil Deal. After spoiling the deal, Again a call is came of Carl’s friend He said to Robinson that Carl is not on Ship and I know where he is so come at Los Santos airport, I am waiting for you……………………

Chapter: 2 (The Journey Saga: chapter 2)
Now when Robinson meet to Carl’s Friend at airport,
Robinson asks to Carl’s friend, “Where is Carl, Tell me fast
Carl’s Friend :- I will tell you but first you have to tell me about your brothers pasts ,Like How he became Gangster and all .
Now Robinson Clark is Starts narrating the Story of Carl Johnson,
First he tells that He is not his brother then instantly Carl’s friend asks to Robinson, What! If he is not your brother then why are you saving him? Robinson Reply : Wait and listen story, You will know everything automatically…….

Do you want to know the adventures story of Carl Johnson? Then download this mission…….
And if you don’t play the Chapter 1 "Journey to unknown city" then download it

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1.Download the “The Journey Saga -chapter 2.zip
2.After downloading, uncompressed it.
3.After uncompressing, Copy DYOM1, DYOM2, And DYOM3.
4.And paste these files in your “Documents>GTA San Andreas User Files...


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Added by ALOKIK on Jun 01 2013, 10:52
The official Website of "The Journey Saga Mission series' is launching soon....
Added by Dude on Jun 01 2013, 16:06
Its Very Nice....
I like the Storyline and I waiting for next part of Journey saga
Thanks for this mission..
Added by Dude on Jun 01 2013, 16:07
When the next part is going to launch tell me fast BRO. I cant wait...
Added by Tony Stark on Jun 01 2013, 18:31
Hmm... nice mission
Added by ALOKIK on Jun 02 2013, 19:21
bro... for your winning in MOTW3
'keep moving forward' bro.
Added by Martincho on Jun 05 2013, 21:51
Nice mission man, you deserve 5 stars!
Added by LucayOrlando on Jul 18 2013, 19:35

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