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Operation V.I.P ( MOTW #9 winner )

By basketziga

Note: This mission is won Mission of the week 9 and thanks to everyone that voted for it

Mission: It's year 2020 and USA is invaded by Al Harian army ( name of the country is fictional ). Captian Jack Willson and his Omega squad is sent to Los Santos, that is nothing but a battlefield to rescue American vice president that is still stuck in Los Santos tower. Hurry up before Al Harian army get's him !

Note: Please use the sound effect that I put in, it's not important, but sound will make mission better :)


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Jul 30 '13


Rated 7 times, Average 4.29

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Added by Target13 on Jul 22 2013, 15:05
Another great mission! The sounds made it awesome! it has a great story! everything! 10/5!!!
Added by basketziga on Jul 22 2013, 15:58
Thanks T :D
Added by Martincho on Jul 23 2013, 02:36
The best warfare mission i've ever played inside DYOM! It's better than The Wanted by GTA!!!. Amazing man, i would put 20 stars but i can put 5 only!
I'll vote for u!
Added by basketziga on Jul 23 2013, 09:46
thanks Martincho (:
Added by JCGames on Jul 24 2013, 21:42
Dude, great mission.
Felt like I was playing call of duty!
My vote is yours.
Added by basketziga on Jul 24 2013, 23:01
thank you JC :D
Added by Casualmind on Jul 24 2013, 23:25
Awesome mission! keep making :) 5 star
Added by basketziga on Jul 25 2013, 00:12
thanks Blues
Added by Cytrax on Jul 25 2013, 07:45
very good exelent edited, How long you edit this mission cost?
Added by basketziga on Jul 25 2013, 09:56
thanks, I think that around one hour ;)
Added by Ramaproduction97 on Jul 26 2013, 18:18
Another Great Mission Story, next mission on the story Dead World it's great.
Added by Vinesh on Jul 27 2013, 11:01
Excellent, Perfect. I give you a 5 Star!
Added by Scarface on Jul 30 2013, 22:45
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Sep 15 2013, 20:42
Your missions are always the best.
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Sep 15 2013, 20:47
Can you give me some advice on how to make good cutscenes?

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