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salvatore leones revenge

By ryder nigga

this is my second mission pack.
after death of frank tenpenny carl become a gansta rapper in los santos. woozie called him to have problems in casino with salvatore leone and italian mafia. salvatore wants revenge fopr robbing his casino. carl go to the four dragons and meet woozie. woozie explained situation to carl when italians coming (salvatores mercenaries to kill carl). carl kill the italians, but main mercenary promise cj to will rebenge to him. carl kick him with leg in head and woozie thanks to carl for saving him and guppy.

after death of italians guppy informing woozie to was italians get back chip factory which woozie get after carl blowing their chip machines. carl geting out from the factory where guppy waiting him.

after that woozie and carl talking when italian get back to four dragons to revenge to cj. carl defeated him and he promise to revenge to cj again. carl shooting him and he falling dead real now.

cj and woozie decide to was time to take down salvatore. there is nothing to can stop them. carl and woozie going to caligula casino when woozie decides to become and wait for carl. carl going to casino killing salvatores men and going to rooftops where salvatore waiting him. salvatore attack cj with minigun. cj get M4, shooting salvatore and killing him. after that cj and others live lucky forever.


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Added by FRArom on Sep 02 2013, 21:00
Good mission !
Added by ryder nigga on Sep 02 2013, 21:45
thank you.
Added by BananaKing13 on Feb 17 2015, 08:10
Nice job in the mission, but you actually kill Salvatore in GTA III
Added by ryder nigga on Jan 09 2016, 02:54
ye ik it was just my dumb imagination xD

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