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[DYOM Contest #7] Robbing the high Rolle

By Galactic

A group of well trained robbers join together to rob, the Famous high roller casino in Las Venturas taking as much money as they can, while fighting the police in order to loose the group that will escape with the money.

Mission made for DYOM contest #7

[Unique Missions]

DYOM v7 uses:

* Moving cutscenes
* Moving objects
* Teleport to car as passenger
* New Objects
* Health bar feature
* Calculated ammo
* Drive by mode
* Multiple Pick up feature

[Max Objectives] [Over 80 actors] [Heavy Weapons]



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Last Update
Oct 06 '13

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Rated 76 times, Average 3.75

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PLAYD.Y.O.M-Robbing The High Roller Casino (Chiheb Tun XGamerX May 01 2014, 18:33
"D.Y.O.M-Robbing The High Roller Casino ("
Rated 2 times, Average 3.5

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PLAYRobbing the High RollerGalacticAug 12 2014, 06:20
"Robbing the High Roller"
Not rated yet.
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PLAYDYOM Contest#7 Robbing the High RollerGalacticAug 12 2014, 06:22
"DYOM Contest#7 Robbing the High Roller"
Not rated yet.
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Added by Grune97 on Oct 07 2013, 22:46
Nice mission, some little mistakes, and you can make it better combat with more object and player animations
I haven't played great mission like these more than a month
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Oct 08 2013, 00:33
Well, This is a good mission, Epic if I can say! :D... I'm with you @Grune97 when you say, I haven't played great mission like these more than a month, And that's true, The last missions are a shit :p... Very simple missions.. Just like, Kill that person, Get in the car, Get the money (Mission Passed) WTF?!... DYOM Is diying! :(
Added by BAWS on Feb 19 2014, 15:02
The mission is.. good.
But.. why you are fake the number of downloads?
Added by Dyom Expert on Feb 24 2014, 05:39
good mission
Added by Franjo940 on Feb 24 2014, 21:13
how to turn on this mission ..
please reply .. hvalaa :))
Added by Huzaifa on Mar 01 2014, 21:51
Nice Robbery technique you used in this mission 5 stars :D
Added by Galactic on Mar 05 2014, 03:06
Didn't knew I won this Contest, after participating many times I finally won, thanks to everyone.
Added by danielius34 on Mar 18 2014, 17:07
Really good mission lil' bit of mistakes like Grune97 said but its still great. You got my rating for sure (5/5).
Added by PresidentShark on Apr 13 2014, 16:13
Lel you get 6 stars. i got tanks after me and FBI just chased around me. I think it was 20 swats. 30 normal polices and 5-10 fbis and 2 tanks i just shooted the asses from them but yea
Added by momo545 on May 09 2014, 13:32
how do you put more than 1 ojective at one time (the money bag)??
Added by AwesomeSmilee on Jul 24 2014, 15:34
@momo545 You cannot have two objectives, one is optional, another is required.
Added by AwesomeSmilee on Jul 24 2014, 15:36
Please ignore this though: BoldItalicUnderline[s]Strikethrough
Added by Alex37 on Aug 09 2014, 18:02
The best mission 5/5 !!!!!!!!!!
Added by [DZ]Flamesay on Aug 19 2014, 17:32
Nice Galactic,waiting for The Dead Walks 4
Added by D-guy on Sep 13 2014, 09:16
Nice! but, i'm stuck when arnold needs help...
Added by 00man00 on Sep 25 2014, 15:37
- Me ajude por favor!

Depois de instalar as missões, eu vou ao jogo, eu clico em "Carregar Missões" e eu escolho a missão que eu quero, a missão não roda, em vez de mostrar o nome da missão (que aparece no canto inferior direito da tela) só aparece "dyom" ai eu ganho "respeito", como se a missão tivesse terminado.
Added by sameer on Oct 27 2014, 07:47
Check Out My Mission Too
SuperNatural Chapter 1
Added by The John David on Nov 23 2014, 03:43
The Best Mission, Galactic, but how did you do the storyline of this mission
Added by Milo Drink on Nov 27 2014, 08:20
Sir, I have a question did you know when creating an actor max. of 70 to 80 when they spawn they become rock or some all over the peds, pls reply thanks and your mission is nice :)
Added by Jhandave on Jan 02 2015, 02:57
Great mission, Galactic I get you a 1 star for this mission, it is awesooooooooooome
Added by aufaa on Feb 18 2015, 16:28
Added by Eddy4312 on Apr 12 2015, 15:27
Good Heist Mission,man.Almost like in GTA V Heist
Added by Heisenberg_GR on Apr 26 2015, 11:14
I'm a heist fan and this is very good job, some mistakes but good! 4 stars****
Added by Arslan on Aug 06 2015, 06:51
friends pleasee take a look on it
Added by Killer Tozo GTA on Oct 03 2015, 19:36
I loved your misson very much.
Added by Xaad on Nov 08 2015, 17:27
Added by Awesome on May 24 2016, 12:14
its awesome...........love it
Added by AnDReJ98 on Aug 11 2016, 20:51
Added by Jhon Ezikiel on Dec 04 2016, 11:24
this mission stinks
Added by hyperkron on Mar 16 2017, 03:36
This website can download mod or whatever for android?
Sorry for bad english
Added by Houd on Dec 11 2017, 14:30
I honestly don't know how this shitty mission got into the contest. This shitty ass mission makes no sense, is poorly made, and there is broken english. Step up your game dude.
Added by Houd on Dec 11 2017, 14:49
Also few logic fails.
1. The dude got killed and no one absolutely cared, and you don't just kill anyone for not accepting your job request.

2. The armored truck and car were parked suspiciously, so the police could just ask you why there in a no parking area. Anyone could just see an armored van and a car suspiciously parked.

3. When you get in the truck and go to the park, the guards don't care that you have a fake ID, because the ID picture doesn't match and so does the info. The guard
Added by pato2002 on Jan 08 2020, 15:56
Mission look good, but when i play 2x crash the game
Added by MihajloS on Apr 19 2020, 12:47
Super mission!
Added by Jim on Nov 24 2020, 10:58
Great mission, I see that you really like gta v. Alot of gta 5 elememnt is exist in your mission

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