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S.A. Terrorist Stories [Complete Pack]

By Grovallas

Join the story of a Secret Agent with his partners that travel whole San Andreas (Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas) to execute all Terrorists.

In this mission series, you will not only playing as Jason (Main Protagonist). You also play as his partners, Marco, Travis the ex-terrorist, and Chow the FBI. The Mission begin in Los Santos, when there was a bank robbing happened. It is ended in Las Venturas when an invasion started there. Your biggest enemy is Ranford Desperado, the Terrorists Leader. In last Mission you need to defeat Ranford, but he was weaponed with a Canon.

Contain 8 Missions :

- 2 Missions in Los Santos
- 3 Missions in San Fierro
- 1 Mission in Desert Side
- 2 Missions in Las Venturas

Duration of whole missions : It took 2.5 hours for me.

Difficulty : Medium to Hard

*DYOM v.7.02 required

Go to GTAForums Topic here for screenshots and more explanation of this mission pack : http://gtaforums.com/topic/632354-sa-terrorist-stories/

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Added by diegoxxd on Oct 18 2013, 23:39
good mission
Added by Grovallas on Oct 19 2013, 03:37
Thanks for commenting.
Added by diegoxxd on Oct 19 2013, 22:20
really good that mission :D
Added by diegoxxd on Oct 19 2013, 22:21
you speak spanish?
Added by diegoxxd on Oct 19 2013, 22:23
hey, can you help? is that I need to teach me to post archive.rar, help please!
Added by Grovallas on Oct 20 2013, 04:15
Easy. Make a new folder for your mission --> Add your .dat files to that folder --> Right-Click on your new folder --> Choose Add to "yourfoldername.rar" --> Go to upload page, when choosing missionfiles --> Choose your archived file --> Then, upload it.
Added by diegoxxd on Oct 20 2013, 16:53
thank you

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