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The Trouble with Russians

By Homor (non-member)

The year is 1994. After years of trying, the Russian Mob is finally gaining a foothold in Los Santos. With an unprecedented hold on South Central's many drug dealers, and an army of cutthroat thugs to do their dirty work, it seems their dominance of Western Los Santos is a forgone conclusion. Take on the role of two different protagonists and their very different reactions to these troubling events.

This is my very first DYOM storyline, so hope for the best and expect the worst.

Mission list:
1- The Setup: Defend your new home from El Jaffe and his gang!
2- A Day In The Life: Go to work and deliver every package to it's designated location.
3- The Hitman: Eliminate a group of troublesome targets for your employer.
4- Brigadier: Oversee an important deal for your employer.
5- Supremacy: Take care of a rival organization vying for control of Los Santos !
6- Vengeance (The Pact): Tie up some very important loose ends.
7- Bonus! Due Vendetta: Evict the Vagos from Glen Park.


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