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Grand Theft Auto: Hard Time (WIP)

By LazeR

Hello. And welcome to my new DYOM series. It's work in progress. But, I thought I could release some chapters. The logo is currently work. It will be finished soon. You'll play as 3 characters also known as...

Brandon Cooper

Brandon Cooper, a family man who had to move away from his friend by lying to him and betray him because of Mr. Ferrante. The boss of the Ferrante Crime Family. Brandon used to work for Ferrante, but after he got an family. He had to move away from him and start a new life. Ferrante and his goons treathen Brandon to come back. Or else, he would kill his family. He refused. Ferrante and his goons tracked him down. Brandon will do anything to protect his family. Anything...

Dallas Powell

Dallas Powell, a member of The Grove Street Families along with his childhood friend, Jayden ''Jay'' Hudson. He and Jay tries everything to stop Ballas from taking over their hoods and homies. After a while. He meets Brandon during a bank robbery. He becomes a good friend of Brandon, and gets dragged into Brandon's problems. Dallas tries anything to help Brandon and his family. But he also have to focus on himself and his life.

Wesley Greene

Wesley Greene, a crazy pyshopath. A good friend of Brandon Cooper, In 2006, he and Brandon robbed the Caligulas casino, Wesley thought Brandon died while he was guarding the top of the casino. The underground parking lot where Brandon were, exploded, Wesley left. Six years later. He met Brandon again under the famous country singing artist, Robbie Watson. They were a huge fan of him during their days. Brandon saw Wesley approach him. He tried to escape but Wesley caught him. Brandon explained all to him. Wesley was mad at him, because of his betrayal. Wesley knew what kind of problems Brandon got.. Now, Wesley tries to help Brandon to take care of his problems.

Characters met troughout the series

Jayden ''Jay'' Hudson

The childhood friend of Dallas Powell, Jay Is 27 years old, and lives in Idlewood. Jayden has a tough life with his family. His dad died of cancer in 2005. His sister hates him because he won't come back to his mom, his mom is pretty sick.

Max Warren

Born in 1976. He own's the Max Warehouse in Ocean Docks, he is a friend of Dallas. He offers people to steal cars for him, and he'll pay them.

Ashley Hudson

Sister of Jayden, born in 1989. Lives with her husband, Timothy in Richman.

Cayden Myers

A good friend of Wesley, born in 1988. He is an idiot, and he has a brother, Harry.

Harry Myers

Brother of Cayden. Harry lives in an apartment in Los Santos.
Born in 1981.

Rock Jones

A very good friend of Wesley, born in 1969. He deals with weapons, he is also an gun dealer to the Carson Crew.

Brian Cooper

The son of Brandon Cooper, born in 1991.

Megan Cooper

Step-daughter to Brandon. Her father died in a car crash in 1999, born in 1990.

Cara Cooper

Mother of Megan and Brian, she works as an journalist for Weazel News. Born in 1964.

Trent Powell

Brother to Dallas, born in 1978.

Clyde ''Snaky'' Hawkins

The leader of the Biker gang The Snakes. He saves Brandon after a robbery at a farm-shop. Born in 1979.

Donald Greene

Brother of Wesley and Arnold Greene. He lives in San Fierro, but later moves to Las Venturas. He is often called ''Fancy Girl'' by Wesley. He works as an FIB agent, a corrupt one. Born in 1966.

Arnold Greene

Brother of Wesley and Donald, he robbed a bank in Liberty City in 1995 along with his clan members, born in 1977.

Oskar ''Oldman'' Pettersen

A norwegian man who owns a airfield in Las Venturas. He was first met when Wesley were stealing meth from the gang O'Ranchers, The O'Ranchers had kidnapped him, and he escaped along with Wesley. Born in 1946.

Jones Anderson

Owns the dealership in Las Venturas, offers jobs to Wesley and Dallas. Born in 1970.

Gary Cooper

Brother of Brandon, currently lives in Liberty City. Born in 1973.

Jeanette Cooper

Mother of Gary, Charlotte and Brandon. She lives in Las Venturas. Born in 1953.

Luigi Caligula

The boss of the Caligulas. He also owns the Caligulas casino, and he made a appearance in my DYOM series: Path Of Revenge, where the the game is set in 1987. Born in 1955.

Cody Sindacco Smith

A good friend of Wesley, Dallas and Brandon. His father, Antonio Sindacco Smith was a good friend of Luigi, Antonio is the protagonist of my DYOM series: Path Of Revenge, he was later killed by 3 Dragon members. Cody was born in 1968.

Remember, the series is currently in work! So, the missions may not be fixed yet.


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Added by LazeR on Oct 28 2013, 23:12
I don't have so much time. So I'll have to edit the other 2 players story later. I'll release the trailers.
Added by LazeR on Oct 28 2013, 23:18
Whose your favorite character till now?
If you guys want me to review the missions, just tell me.
Added by OpTello on Oct 29 2013, 15:45
this story is like gta5
Added by LazeR on Oct 29 2013, 16:18
Yup. @OpTello
Added by mijata cj2 on Nov 01 2013, 22:30
hey man look at my mission
Added by LazeR on Nov 02 2013, 12:39
Sure, @mijata cj2
I'll take a look at them!
Added by Fran06010p on Jun 07 2014, 00:54
Added by Muhammad Ijaz on Jun 15 2016, 22:44

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