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Life as Trevor Black - Chapter 1

By wooolly

Life as Trevor Black

The story starts out as Trevor black goes to the interview of the recent Police job he applied for. Whilst there, he gets accepted into the police force, and from there his dramatic story unfolds. Him and his partner, Phillip Williams, go through many thrilling experiences as they fight there way to the top of the justice system ranks, and fight to clean Los Santos of crime.

They soon learn that cleaning Los Santos of crime isn't going to be easy, as they are soon introduced to the real world of Organized crime, as they come head to head with some of the most dangerous mafia families, racing crews, and biker gangs around.

In this chapter, Phillip and Trevor meet for the first time. Phillip has to show Trevor the ropes as they go around Los Santos crime busting. It soon becomes apparent to Trevor that Phillip isn't the most brave of all police officers, and though he has good intentions, usually prefers to run from danger that face it. But Phillip will soon have to learn to put his fear to side as Trevor runs into serious danger.


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