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GTA V : Random Events [BETA Test]


This is a BETA project about the original GTA V Random Events, While you wait for the Final Version of GTA V [Story Mode] to SA.

This Storyline contens 5 Missions and 1 Intro.
You play as: Trevor.

If you like this, comment and rate.

We will make the next part of this Random Events soon, If you want.

[Project GTA V to SA]
Work in progress.


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Jan 21 '14


Rated 6 times, Average 3.67

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PLAYGTA V : Random Events [BETA Test]spidermightJan 22 2014, 13:32
"GTA V : Random Events [BETA Test]"
Rated 2 times, Average 3.5

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Added by The Dyom Master on Jan 17 2014, 13:06
What A Mission
It is so cool I Like It And I Also Rate It
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jan 17 2014, 16:33
Thanks we appreciate that!

Grateful, THBP & xxGTAXIVxx.
GTA V To SA in Progress.
Added by spidermight on Jan 22 2014, 12:21
very well done i really like it, 5/5 :D
Added by Gamer0 on Jan 22 2014, 21:18
Why you dont make a own story? You can play GTA 5 on Ps3 or Xbox but this?! I will not play this GTA V Missions for GTA Sa becorse it's just stolen from Rockstar Games make own Storys and dont copy that from Rockstar
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jan 23 2014, 01:43
Yeah, I know. But it something that your litlee head don't understand,right? This project are made for that people who the only that they have it's a PC or don't have money to buy GTA V.
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jan 23 2014, 01:44
Or, maybe they have but they expect a Version in the honorable Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I don't care if you don't play our project.. It's obviously that we don't win money or something.
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jan 23 2014, 01:46
But, thanks for the interest that you put in this because.. If you don't like a mission.. You don't see it!... Second... I only design REMAKES!...and If I tell you, Are too best that your poor missions with.. what 50 downloads?!
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jan 23 2014, 01:49
If you want some kind of "Own Missions" You can go to the HONORABLE, RESPECT! Profiles of Leoncj, Arejai, Doublepulse! They are awesome DYOM Designers go and play that Wonderful missions! :3
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jan 23 2014, 01:50
Or if you are interested on me! And give some shit feedbacks, I got 3 own Storys... They're Death Memories, DeadMan Gangstar, and The Revenge: Going up. (y)
Added by Gamer0 on Jan 23 2014, 15:17
I understand you but i cant understand why all the people like your missions there are some people who makes great GTA 5 missions but nobody says something about that you are the only one

and sorry for my bad english
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 23 2014, 19:30
Awesome mission man seriously like great remake :)
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jan 23 2014, 19:56
Thanks, man. We apreciate that.

Added by Huzaifa on Jan 23 2014, 20:05
You and THBP work very hard great and I also like your comments about gamer0 you can do your work and don't mind others :-)
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Jan 23 2014, 21:27
Wow! Thanks for that feedbacks. You have win a position in my respect list.

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