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Colony Collapse

By Adam (non-member)

You play as two and sometimes five characters.
The main character is Brad, a soldier who sets up a refugee camp with FBI director, Chris.
The second main character is Mark, a soldier who's been in a coma for two decades. He meets Brian, his mother's neighbor, and together they find a safe place to stay low from the Black Blood (Zombie-like creatures from the virus that has spread across San Andreas), as time progresses, Mark and Brian realise they're being watched by someone.
The third main character is Sgt. Davis Peterson, a soldier who comes from a broken home, just lost his wife and children at the day of the Black Blood outbreak (The virus has spreaded to Las Venturas but it was evacuated before it was too late. At some point the virus spreaded across San Andreas). On his way he meets Dr. Norman, a scientist who has a cure for the outbreak. (Season 4)

The Hunters- A group of cannibals who stalk Mark and Brian.
Unnamed K.A.C.C Survivors- A group of five-six people who threaten Brad and the group.

I took the Hunters story from The Walking Dead, hence the titles of some of the missions.
The name "Colony Collapse" comes from an Architects (UK) song. xD.
It is heavily influenced from The Walking Dead, I was bored one day so I decided to make these missions xD
Important: I must tell you that in the beginning of a few missions there are huge mistakes, I didn't know how to use DYOM at all, as the series progresses I learned how to use very well. In the future I'll make better missions xD

Enjoy :)


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