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World War 2014: Ch#1 (Las Venturas)

By GrooveX

Finally after a great long time my chapter:1 has been released in this chapter 1 Army fight against terrorist in all the desert areas and main towns of Las Venturas this chapter having 8 missions. List of my missions are given below:

1) OP:1 In Las Payasadas

2) OP:2 In Verdant Meadows

3) OP:3 In El quebrados and Aldea Malvada

4) OP:4 In Four Dragon Casino

5) Saving Restricted Area

6) Saving Greenglass College

7) Saving Caligula's Palace

8) OP:8 In Las Brujas

Story Continued in Ch#2 (San Fiero) Stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy My Missions :) Give me good feedback if you like my chapter 1 :)

Play 'n' Enjoy
Thank's :)


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Added by GrooveX on Apr 23 2014, 19:56
Play my Chapter 1 guys and tell me your opinion about this Ch:1 you like it or not :)
Added by Huzaifa on Apr 25 2014, 21:41
Hey! Groovex I enjoy your missions bro 5 stars waiting for next chapter :)
Added by GrooveX on May 06 2014, 14:09
Thanks Huzaifa :-)
Added by sreegovind on May 25 2014, 13:40
Hey Man If You Can Say How To Make A Storyline Then I will Say You How To Make Cutscene In Plane
Added by MichaelWBalderas on Jun 22 2014, 22:15
When I downloaded where to extract file?
Added by GrooveX on Jun 22 2014, 22:40
In my document / Gta sanandreas user files
Added by GrooveX on Jul 04 2014, 02:05
Guys, share your opinion that how's the chapter 1. I hope everyone like it :)
Added by 490DarkPrince on Jul 05 2014, 12:12
I've been away from the game mods for a while. Where do I put the storyline mission files?
Added by Grand_Dyom on Oct 11 2015, 17:56
Amazing man.Sierously amazing 5/5.
Added by GrooveX on Oct 11 2015, 20:50
Thanks :)
Added by XxProDzxX on Oct 11 2015, 23:31
Awsomeness glowing :D

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