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The Unfinished Business - Act 2

By alifjenius

Set in San Andreas in 2013, this story take the view of Mike Leadley, an experienced criminal who , at first, pull off a job in the desert, San Andreas National Bank robbery. Unfortunate for him, he was double-crossed by his partner (who will be later revealed) and get caught in action by the local sheriffs. And what happened next ?

In the other part of the state, the beautiful San Fierro, lived a retired successful business man name Scott Henderson, who has something missing in his life in spite of what he already had in his life. Live peacefully and wealthy before one day, a guy came to him, ask him to be a getaway driver, make this moment as his turning point of his life, forever

Take the eyes of Mike and Scott (other protagonist ? Will be later revealed) who make their way to live their life with danger surrounding around them. Determine your own choices through the story which has the different continuation of the story

NOTICE : This storyline comes up with 2 option - Subtle approach and Obvious approach. Only copy these files after you finish the first part, which is come up with folder's name "2. Act 2 Before The Ship Heist"

If you want to choose the Subtle approach, copy the files from "2.A. Act 2 Subtle Approach" to your DSL folder

If you want to choose the Obvious approach, copy the files from "2.B. Act 2 Obvious Approach" to your DSL folder

Anyway, to start this storyline, you HAVE to know what's going on before the story. Here is the prologue : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/29578
And act 1 : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/29579

Good luck ! And give your opinion and review at the official topic : http://gtaforums.com/topic/671374-storyline-the-unfinished-business/


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Added by Trilogy Games on Oct 04 2015, 18:54
Nice mission, man! 5 STARS! Waiting ACT 3

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