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The Rise of Evil

By SK Afridi

This Mission Is Originally Created by SK Motion Gamers!
Action Adventure Mission Pack for Grand Theft Auto by the Moddification of Designing Your Own Mission.

The Mission has the original GTA SanAndreas Characters, so come play nd Have fun


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Dec 16 '14


Rated 3 times, Average 4.33

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Added by SK Afridi on Jun 17 2014, 18:42
Sorry for tank cutscene
Added by SpartaZeroOne on Jun 26 2014, 16:25
nice.. hmm, it was a little buggy but i realize it is just my own gta's error.. keep it up! 55
Added by SK Afridi on Jun 26 2014, 18:54
Man do you have any ingame problem? I checked it it worked smooth, but minor bugs, it will be fixed in next update,
Added by SK Afridi on Jul 07 2014, 05:13
Added by QaiserH on Jul 19 2014, 06:38
What Great Mission It Is
Added by QaiserH on Jul 19 2014, 06:39
4 Stars For This Mission
Added by SK Afridi on Jul 19 2014, 08:25
Thanks for the feedback
Added by Deathscourge on Jul 19 2014, 11:51
Great mission!
Added by SK Afridi on Sep 11 2014, 14:01
SK MOTION GAMERS signed for 'The Rise of Evil 3' checkout SK Afridi's profile for further details

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