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Queen of Road - Chapter 1 (Pack)

By nandack

Mission Pack!
Car Races - Drag Freak - Rescue Friend - Crash - Secret Agent - Mafia

Starring Michelle (one of CJ's girlfriend from Downtown - SF) that wants to conquering the road of San Fiero. But, she is in here (Chapter 1) meet with Boss, National Police and one of Secret Agent in San Andreas. Before meet with Boss, she is stealing a car from Reynold Zhuckovich, one of 3 biggest mafia in San Fiero. Then Boss and his boys, Varo, Hans and Theo, use Michelle as a help for arresting Reyn. Michelle start to learn about good racing techniques. And she has to beat the Hill and Grill best record from Reyn to take the lead. How about those Undercover Cops, Boss and his boys? They have made some plans, but only one that works, what is that? Find it by playing the mission from Mission 1 to 8.

Next chapter will be released in err I do not know, still in progress maybe. But I think I'll make it to Chapter 2 if your feedback is good and get a good rate above 3.5 and before waiting Queen of Road - Chapter 2, play this first!


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Added by nandack on Jul 18 2014, 20:15
My Second Mission Pack from learning DYOM in two weeks.
Added by nandack on Jul 20 2014, 18:37
It's not only about race!

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