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Wally Mafia Mayor Mania (Zip file)

By Maaz 45

This is the Wally Mafia Secondary Episodes.

1.The troubles are unfinished Wally is still in trouble follow his orders and become his Commander! Difficultly:Medium

2.The Wally brother's factory is in trouble with Crack Dealers knock them out and save him and factory! Difficulty:Hard

3.Wally sent you at secret plan in boat plant a bomb that's it!But be careful about Time limit! Difficultly:Easiest

4.Wally Mafia found a Plane which can float but cop have to give that plane fight with cops and save Plane! Difficultly:Hell

5.Adam day was off so he join some party maybe his dream came in Nightmare? Difficultly:Legend

6.Wally have new request to become mayor take him to Los Santos. Difficulty:Extremely Easiest!

7.Wally failed to become mayor of the US you have to find invitation card of Mike Toreno's Birthday!

8.Go at his birthday kill him!

Games Requirements

This is the high dyom 8v1 cleo4 needed also if you can't play just install God mod to avoid death.


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