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Nandack: Angry Mobs!

By nandack

An undercover cop named Nandack get a situation. There is a mob campaign at the goverment villa. This mobs are controlled by their leader that known as Tony. Nandack must take the evidence of the mobs and give it to his old partner, Officer Pulaski. In fast method-action, Nandack must show what the cops can be.

What will you see:
- Sound of speechs
- Dinamic action-key Text Objective
- Take a picture objective
- Animation of 3rd Actor
- Stealth Kill with knife

Actually this mission is for my Tutorial but the tutorial not published yet.

Although I said it is Single Mission mode, I made next sequels of it. But it's not the same with my Storylines, It's just sequels.
Please try to play it without cheats because this mission's difficulty is Easy. Hope you enjoy and put your feedback or comments.

How to Install:
- Extract the DYOM2.dat to "GTA SA User Files"
- Extrack BVPKK.zip to "GTA SA User Files/SD" (sound file so it will make BVPKK folder inside SD directory)
- Play it


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Added by BigSmurf on Jul 24 2014, 03:40
Gud job, bro. U are new?
Added by nandack on Jul 24 2014, 05:06
thanks dude, a week ago

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