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Nightlife Partner

By nandack

An undercover cop named Nandack is walking near the City Hall of Los Santos. He then feel the joy of peace in every single polution that he breath. He then ride a cop car and meet with Monica, a young girl with vulgar personality. She helps Nandack to kill and burn the basecamp of Los Santos Vagos. By using a single Desert Eagle pistol, Nandack and Monica go to the marked place and start some noise there.

Note from me:
- Here you can see how to make multiple player animation in single camera
- Degree of enemies
- Multiple objectives
- Better Cutscene
- Multiple Explosion in one Shot-Camera
- Object Objective
- And this is just for testing

Although I said it is Single Mission mode, I made next sequels of it. But it's not the same with my Storylines, It's just sequels.
Please try to play it without cheats because this mission's difficulty is Easy. Hope you enjoy and put your feedback or comments.


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Added by nandack on Jul 24 2014, 17:03
please put your feedback
Added by BigSmurf on Jul 25 2014, 09:52
Dude, how to make that explosion?
Added by nandack on Jul 25 2014, 09:55
You can use Add Object after an objective, here I put a cutscene first then spawn objects again and again
Added by gheorghem on Jul 29 2014, 20:38
eh, well, you should have put Aztecas instead of Vagos (it's an Azteca hood atfer all), and I find it strange that a cop would just let some civilian girl girl criminals, even if they are criminals...then again, since he's mad, I guess it makes sense =D
otherwise, good mission =)
Added by gheorghem on Jul 29 2014, 20:43
also, forgot to mention - isn't it supposed to be night? why is it evening?
and the cop's supposed to be undercover, but he's wearing a uniform and riding a cop bike, that's not very undercover to me =D
Added by nandack on Jul 30 2014, 05:00
You will understand when you play the eightth mission, or the last for this chapter. So He is not a cop at all, he just wondering about how the city is responding to the goverment. He is on a case of Hacker Chasing. But that will be showed on the chapter 3.
Added by nandack on Jul 30 2014, 05:04
And he is undercover cop as we also know but he just the same as Toreno. But the time goes to wrong direction when Pulaski setup him as a misdirection for C.R.A.S.H corruption. It is the mission before CJ Mother is dead and you'll find that it is connected (I hope)

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