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The Unforgiven Sins 1

By nandack

This mission pack will show you what happen before CJ arrives on Los Santos and mostly show you about the Mad Cop that being betrayed by his partner, Officer Pulaski and nobody knows that this mad cop is Goverment Secret Agent! Have you ever seen what a cop can be? Yes, PSYCHOPATH!!! This cop is also known as undercover cop of Los Santos but for sure, he is not Los Santos man. That because this cop is Los Santos killer. First came to Los Santos, he murders some of Groove Street Homies on their base, Ganton. Then this cop kill the Los Santos Angry Mobs with his partner Officer Pulaski of C.R.A.S.H, and this cop is the Twin brother of Officer Hernandez so they look same. Once he found a way to become more famous by cleaning the Ballas so he came to Glen Park and setup some explosive on ballas party. After that he want to clean the Los Santos Vagos from their basecamp but he met with new partner, A night lady named Monica. The Los Santos Vagos are dead but not all of them, so he decided to kill outsider brotherhood also known as Country Dark. After some kills and runs, he went too far and too deep inside the madness.

= Action 1 - Natural Talent =
1. Nandack: World of Blood (Shot-Killing Mission)
2. Nandack: Angry Mobs (Simple mission with Object and Stealth)
3. Nandack: Nightlife Partner (Vagos and their burning basecamp)
4. Nandack: The Mad Cop (Outsider of Red County, Country Dark ambush)
5. Nandack: Wind of Change (When a cop become a criminal)
6. Nandack: Souls for Money (Cold Blooded assasin)
7. Nandack: Clown and Claws (Party slayer time)
8. Nandack: Brother in Grace (Battle with the twin)

More and more surprises will be come on Chapter 2 - The Unforgiven Sins: Road to New Life!
You can contact me here, my DYOM profile, or follow my twitter @NandackCahyo or PM me on GTAForums.com just searching my nickname: nandack.
Hope you enjoy this mission pack chapter 1!!!

- Mission 3 Glitchs patched!


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