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San Fierro Underground [FULL]

By Aflien

San Fierro Underground is a classic GTA style storyline pack revolving around story of a small time thug and his close friend. The duo are forced to work against their will for local narc-dealer Julio Cruz. Dwelve into criminal underground and earn your freedom before the lunatic narcoboss decided to end you.


San Fierro 1990. City of drugs,gang violence,cartels,mafia.Crime is all over the place. Thugs are using the situation to profit anyway they can. From small time pickpocketing to robbing entire bank convoys. Whole system is corrupt and city officials themselfs are using the situation to profit. Mayor force in city right now is Mexican drug lord Julio Cruz along with his corrupted officials that work for him. Cruz was dominating force in SF for few years and gained fortune smuggling. Right now new gangs are forming, each one trying to get a bite of the action. Local thugs Layne and Fred, who are friends since childhood are trying to profit robbing people on street. Their lives change after one unfortunate incident...

Check out the topic on GTA Forums : http://gtaforums.com/topic/759020-san-fierro-underground-storyline/

Storylines have been tested on mods free (expect Cleo ofc) GTA SA game. Storyline worked fine without any crashes.

This is whole storyline chapters fused together. I made so its easier to download. So you don't have to download one by one. Thank you for downloading and be sure to check my GTA FORUMS Topic on this storyline. And ofcourse provide feedback if possible. Big love.


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PLAYSan Fierro Underground. Teaser trailerAflienMay 12 2015, 17:51
"San Fierro Underground. Teaser trailer"
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Added by Peach on May 14 2015, 05:20
Added by Aflien on May 15 2015, 19:05
Glad you like it, mate.
Added by Heisenberg_GR on May 17 2015, 09:46
Nice classic GTA style storyline. I rated 5/5 good job!
Added by DieHrd101 on Jun 06 2015, 08:10
Hi! I'm still new with using this DYOM i can't get this storyline to run. I extracted the dsl of the first chapter to my SA user folder in docs but theres no autorun file....how do i get the missions to start???
Added by DieHrd101 on Jun 06 2015, 08:11
It would be appriciated if you would add a readme for install instructions for us newbies!!!
Added by DieHrd101 on Jun 07 2015, 18:54
i finally got this running but during chapter 2 mission our turf...keeps crashing with an exe stopped working error. tried this one 10 times. enemies come in waves, it's always on the 3rd wave it crashes.
Added by Aflien on Jun 11 2015, 14:57
I have tested all missions and also in storyline version on a clean GTA with only DYOM and cleo and it worked great. Random mods are probably biggest reason for crashes

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