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Crime City Los Santos

By Grand_Dyom

There story about 4 frends.They have problems with dealers and bikers.In this storyline shooter.I hope you like it :DDDDD

P.S. Sorry guys for my bad english :)


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Feb 03 '15


Rated 4 times, Average 4.75

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Added by Grand_Dyom on Feb 03 2015, 13:52
Comment Please
Added by Oyun Matik on Feb 04 2015, 09:53
Good storyline man
Added by Oyun Matik on Feb 04 2015, 09:53
Hard missions :)
Added by XxProDzxX on Feb 04 2015, 17:48
Nice name of storyline and missions and realy good idea its about mafia
By the way my rat is 5/5 :)
but keep in progress with other missions
Added by Grand_Dyom on Feb 04 2015, 18:46
Hey XxProDzxX.Thanks for rate.You first who rated Crime City Los Santos.
Very thanks :DDD
Added by Dark Avenger on Feb 09 2015, 06:06
Hey Grand_Dyom. I am your friend Dark Avenger. This storyline you created was really awesome. And I can rate you 5/5.
Added by Grand_Dyom on Feb 09 2015, 14:44
Hi Dark Avenger.Thanks bro for rate and feedback :DDDD
Added by Klot on Mar 06 2015, 19:31
Good storyline but 1 mission is bugged
Added by Grand_Dyom on Mar 06 2015, 20:22
Thanks Klot.You created account :D

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