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The Last Ones - Dead City (Prologue)

By Claws

The Last Ones - Dead City (Prologue) Mission Pack

Created by: Claws

IMPORTANT: this game happens BEFORE the Last Ones main story (which means it's a PROLOGUE). Playing this mission pack is NOT required to fully understand the entire game's plot. However, if you play both games, you'll certainly match some of the elements from this story with elements from the original story. If this is the first mission pack from the series you've come across, please also play the entire The Last Ones game after you're done playing this prologue.

You will find the first game (Mission Pack) here:


*Also, please read the .txt file that comes along with the archive. Thank you.


The story happens three months ago before Drake and his group reach the farm. It was another quiet night for him and his friend Troy. However, a strange individual appeared in front of the liquor store. Drake had no choice but to neutralize him. Suddenly, a group of people went after Drake. Little did he know that many unfortunate events were now waiting for him. As an officer, Drake had to find survivors and escape from the city. Along the way, he met two other friends, protecting them at all costs. He tried to tell himself: "this is just a dream." But he was wrong. This was the beginning of a terrible nightmare... the beginning of the apocalypse.



Feel free to send me opinions, questions or suggestions if you feel like it.

Copyright Information:

Please do not alter or steal these missions. Apart from that, you don't have to worry about any copyright problems at all. Feel free to distribute. The ONLY thing I ask you to do is simply include my name in the credits. Thank you for understanding.

IMPORTANT: this modification was tested many times, and it's 100% working. Any bugs, glitches or crashes are not my responsibilities. If I find any bugs by myself, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible, but if your game keeps freezing or crashing, make sure your GTA San Andreas isn't modded or corrupted.

The Last Ones (Prologue) Mission Pack.
Created proudly on May 6th, 2015 by Claws.

Thanks and enjoy.


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Thanks again!

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