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The Last Ones (Complete Series)

By Claws

The Last Ones - Complete Series Mission Pack for Design Your Own Mission v7.2 (GTA SA)

Created by: Claws

NOTE: I just posted this pack here because I think it fits better on the Storyline category. I should've done this right from the start.


You wake up in the middle of the night, playing as Peter Whitfield. He lives in a small countryside town called Blueberry. When Peter checks the streets, there's no one outside. In order to find out what's happening, he searches for Drake, his best friend who Peter knows since he was a kid. No results. Suddenly, an instant message come from Drake's communication radio, telling whoever's listening to that message to get out of the streets and lock themselves at home, because of the strange creatures that have been attacking the population. Recognizing the danger, Peter leaves town and searches for Drake, who's at another area not far from there. Along the way, he'll meet many other friends, doing his best to protect them when needed.



Feel free to send me opinions, questions or suggestions whenever you feel like it.

*Also, please read the .txt file that comes along with the mission pack. Thank you.

Copyright Information:

Please do not alter or steal these missions. Apart from that, you don't have to worry about any copyright problems at all. Feel free to distribute. The ONLY thing I ask you to do is simply include my name in the credits. Thank you for understanding.

IMPORTANT: this modification was tested many times, and it's 100% working. Any bugs, glitches or crashes are not my responsibilities. If I find any bugs by myself, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible, but if your game keeps freezing or crashing, make sure your GTA San Andreas isn't modded or corrupted.

The Last Ones (Complete Series) Mission Pack.
Created proudly on February 20th, 2014 by Claws.

Thanks and enjoy.


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Added by Alessandro on Aug 25 2015, 19:40
Added by Claws on Jan 15 2016, 04:29
Thank you for all of your ratings. You're the man!
Added by Coa98 on Nov 09 2016, 22:16
Wow bro, great story ! 5/5
Could you make a storyline based on Brian Johnson's life ?
Added by Claws on Mar 17 2017, 16:30
Great suggestion, Coa98! I'll try my best to do it. Keep an eye on my missions, I could publish what you suggested someday!
Added by Johan Yesuroon on Mar 05 2018, 17:23
Well done!
That idea of waiting for the friends to get in Appreciatable.
Good work.
Keep it up.
Added by Claws on May 03 2018, 04:19
@Johan Yesuroon

Thanks a bunch for playing and providing feedback!
More missions coming soon. :)

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