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John Morris Chronicles 2 Chapter 1

By GangstaZilla203

After taking over the Entire city of Las Venturas, Conquering every Business, Territory, and Casino, Tha Killa G's are the most Unstoppable Gang in the city!! They're Unstoppable... But, when John Morris, the Leader of tha killa g's, had to make a Option to Choose to let his Three OG's live, but Killing him in the Process, or to choose to let his OG's get killed, and let him live in the Process, He chose to Betray his OG's, Drey and Derrick, and let them Die, while he got to live a Life of Luxury... ...4 Years Later, Las Venturas, 2003... 4 Years Later, Tha Killa G's are still the Strongest Gang in the city! But, have been losing a lot of Drug Business lately, due to Three gangs down in Los Santos: The El Locos 16, The Avengers, and The Callahan Gang! John and Tha Killa G's must head down to Los Santos, and Wipe out all of the Gangs over there, get their Drug Business back, and take some more Territory for Tha Killa G's!!!...


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