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Country of Wild Chapter 1

By Eddy4312

This is my new mission pack called Country of Wild

Story:Before San Fierro Auto begin,You take role of one silent guy called Tommy,He is friend of Joe and Julie,but they betaryed Tommy.Now Tommy must find who betaryed him and kill to death.


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Aug 14 '15


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Added by GangstaZilla203 on Aug 14 2015, 08:45
Sup Eddy! =D i'm gonna download and play your COW MP now! i'll give my review of it when I complete it!! =DDD
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Aug 14 2015, 10:09
'Sup Eddy! just played and completed your COW Chapter 1 MP!! and here's my review of it!!: I give the spelling a 7, it was alright. Needs more improvements.. I give the gameplay a 9! a shit ton of action!! .. I give the characters a 9 also! I thought they were well put together. I like how you brought back classics, like: Jack and Johnny. I like the new characters as well!! I
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Aug 14 2015, 10:11
Give the story a 7. Since it is based off GTA III.. I give the mission variety a 8! really good variety within the missions!! Overall, I give COW Chapter 1, a solid 9/10!! can't wait for Chapter 2 man!! =DDD
Added by Eddy4312 on Aug 14 2015, 13:32
Thanks,man.Some of mission contain easter egg or conneted to SFA.
In Mission 'Last Stand',go to bridge has destroyed from first mission,there are something you need buy shotgun then kill the anime girls.Why?
Because Anime girls is........Nevermind,just kill anime girls
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Aug 16 2015, 06:07
You kill Anime Girls because of Khalid NFS, right?! =D
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Aug 16 2015, 06:08
Also, when is Chapter 2 coming out man?! I know you just released Chapter 1, but, i'm extremely pumped for Chapter 2!! =DDD
Added by Alessandro on Oct 27 2015, 12:38
l Give You 5 Star

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