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By maoffense

Finally,I'm back on DYOM Designing! This is my first-time-again racing mission that'll blow up your mind. This is just a racing mission without any story. You'll try to defeat the enemy. With some of my scripts,this mission will become more awesome.

There are 3 cleo scripts which will improve the mission. You need to install them. If you don't,it's still okay,but the mission will become normally great. If you install the 3 cleo scripts,the mission will become more awesome.
The 3 cleo scripts have the features of this mission,making the mission greater. Each 3 scripts have their own features:
1. 1st Stunt- this feature(named as "STUNT1" in this archieve) adds a great stunt in the mission. I can't tell where the feature will happen,but you'll get surprised if you see this. And,NO. I won't tell what will happen in this feature. Just play the mission and check it out.
2. The Blocking Train- this feature(named as "TRAINS" in this archieve) adds a train near the finish line which will block your way. So be careful,or you'll may be lose.
3. 2nd Stunt- this feature(named as "STUNT2") adds a great stunt in the ramp which is near the finish line. It's more better than the 1st stunt.
Okay... How to install it? Download this mission and look for the readme to see how to install this mission.
Bugs are in the readme of the archieve.
In this mission,you'll fight against a Turismo,while yours is Infernus. The mission will happen in San Fierro.

Thank you for viewing this racing mission! Play it if you want. Rating and giving a feedback is on your own. I'll be thankful for it.

You'll notice that my name which will appear in the upper-left side is m'offense. And some of the words like "redy" instead of "ready" is totally mispelled. My "A" key is just not working on my keyboard. I'm sorry for that.


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Added by SmokeRail on Sep 13 2015, 17:13
Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Coooooool More Kilometer!!!! 5/5 !!!!!!
Added by SmokeRail on Sep 13 2015, 17:17
You a Monster !! Great Mission Continue!!! But please make a remake of this mission in portuguese,i from brazil and win 5/5
Added by XxProDzxX on Sep 13 2015, 20:36
- See my review in (SARS Topic)
- Rated: 4/5 :D
Added by maoffense on Sep 14 2015, 17:02
Thank you for the trailer,DzxProx! You're truly a great friend! :)
Added by maoffense on Sep 14 2015, 17:08
As I saw your trailer. It's pretty great to me. The walkthrough's textures,fonts and nice sightings makes the trailer so cool. And you did a great race to that Turismo. Nice trailer. I rate it as 5 stars

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