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Kenji Chronicles ~ Chapter 1

By GangstaZilla203

A guy named Kenji Kurosawa lived in Japan all his life, but, he knew some good
English... One day, Kenji, at the age of 27, gets a call from his brother,
Wu Kurosawa to come live with him in San Fierro! Wu claims to have a mansion,
money, and all the women in the world. So, naturally Kenji moves to San Fierro to live with his brother... But, he finds that his brother is broke, and only lives in a cheap apartment. Now, the only way for Kenji to make money quick, as he wants to live the dream and become a powerful influence in the city, is to work for
higher ranking criminals. Kenji must rise up the ranks of the criminal underworld,
until becoming unchallengeable!


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Oct 06 '15


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Added by XxProDzxX on Oct 05 2015, 17:56
a new SL, sounds intersting one i'll give it a try :D
Added by Jhan Dave on Oct 07 2015, 09:01
Alright! Not bad! bro, just keep it up, my rate is 3/5.
Also, i will create a short trailer for this, stay tuned for it.
Goodluck for this!

Added by Woodman on Oct 12 2015, 11:30
4th mission the bald man photoing i finish and the checkpoint is glitch
Added by dyomek on Nov 13 2015, 10:42
same wi
Added by dyomek on Nov 13 2015, 10:43
@woodman Same happended to me

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