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Kenji's Chronicles

By GangstaZilla203

One day a guy named Kenji Kurosawa, who lived in Japan all his life, at the age of 27, gets a call from his brother
Wu to come live with him in San Fierro. Wu claims to have a mansion,
money, and all the women in the world. So, naturally Kenji moves to San Fierro to live with his brother...
However he finds that his brother is broke, and only lives in a cheap apartment. Now, the only way for Kenji to make money quick, as he wants to live the dream and become a powerful influence in the city, is to work for
higher ranking criminals. Kenji must rise up the ranks of the criminal underworld,
until becoming untouchable.


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Jan 07 '17


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PLAYKC trailer 2!! {That I created}GangstaZilla203Nov 08 2015, 08:52
"KC trailer 2!! {That I created}"
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PLAYKC trailerGangstaZilla203Dec 02 2015, 05:03
"KC trailer"
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PLAYKenji Chronicles TRAILER!GangstaZilla203Oct 29 2015, 21:17
"Kenji Chronicles TRAILER!"
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Added by Jhan Dave on Oct 30 2015, 10:08
Great series. Here's my review:

Cutscenes: Good placing, need to improve more.

Spelling and Grammars: I see some understandable spelling, but it's okay.

Plot: Everything is nice.
Overall: 3/5 Not bad, man.
Trailer: Great trailer, rated 4/5
Added by Eddy4312 on Oct 31 2015, 07:53
Hey, man. I just reviewed your MP 'KC' chapter 1
There are mission called 'Dead Bodies,no, no!
When I fight those mobster,my game crashed.
When I play same mission for second time,also same thing happen.

Added by Grand_Dyom on Nov 01 2015, 17:32
WTF with people?
Sure 5/5 no comment.
Added by dyomek on Nov 13 2015, 10:41
duuuuuude... In this mission where you have to kill this guy that comes out of burger shot and photograph his picture... WHY DID YOU PUT THAT OBJECTIVE SO FAR OUT OF THE SAn ANDREAS?
Added by Woodman on Nov 17 2015, 09:57
YEah! Dyomek is right i can't DO IT!
Added by QED on Nov 24 2015, 11:52
Need to fix the third mission, it has a bug that when i photograph the body, the checkpoint goes to Las Payasadas! Fix this, man.
Added by dyomek on Nov 30 2015, 12:27
For me the checkpint goes FAR AS FUDGE form SA
Added by kiny661 on Nov 30 2015, 14:52
Another Great man 5/5
Added by Woodman on Dec 03 2015, 14:47
Ok, in A need in the Assasin THAT DRE IS APPEAR? WHY YOU ADD THE DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Should be this meme! and that is great easter egg in the world. Good luck with that!
Added by QED on Dec 13 2015, 16:43
Dude -_- stop updating the SL without reason...
This is named cheating attraction.
Added by QED on Dec 13 2015, 16:44
Oh wait... i saw the new trailer, sorry!
Added by dyomek on Dec 28 2015, 20:10
Gotta review it right now!!!
Added by Woodman2 on Dec 29 2015, 16:23
Yeah, i made the art. Looks, we need to fix this art!
Added by Evalion on Jul 01 2017, 01:40
I miss Megan :c

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