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Grove Street Families Returned

By Hax


Alright, my first DYOM mission pack, related to Grove and Ballas rivalry, however i have ended it in 7 missions cuz i am working on another DYOM mission pack..

You will find some scenes awkward due to timing of cutscenes etc.. But i'll try my best to make my missions more realistic..
Mission List
1. Ballas Strike again
2. Seeking Revenge
3. Cracking the deal
4. Sweet is back
5. Escape Plan
6. Showdown!

*** I might have missed a mission name in the list, but i assure you would like my missions ***

** A slight twist in mission 'Sweet is back' when you go to Unity station to pick up sweet..**
**Sweet was gone Liberty City after mission 1**

Please rate and comment..


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Dec 02 '15


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Added by MaxCity on Dec 02 2015, 19:29
awesome mission 3 stars for you :)
Added by dyomek on Dec 04 2015, 10:51
Mission pack is great, but only one thing: Enemy actors should have less health 250-500 or just a headshot option ON

4 out of 5 keep it up
Added by dyomek on Dec 05 2015, 10:18
What i mean is too much health on actors and it made the mission hard i needed cheats
Added by Hax on Dec 05 2015, 19:44
Yeah, but in my zombie mission i have made 2500 health for all zombies with no headshot..
Is is alright or shall I modify it?
Added by dyomek on Dec 06 2015, 17:59
As long as there's headshot option then it's ok
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Dec 13 2015, 09:17
just like in the movies .. the zombie is so hard to kill if it shot at the body , but when it shot at the head then the zombie automatically dies..

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