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[MP] Battle San Fierro - Completed

By John David

JhanDave291 presents on you "Battle San Fierro"

September 11, 1985, a peaceful place. San Fierro, has many years build by the goverment and approve it as a city, however, December 23, 1985, a new invasion started by the russians. Citizens from San Fierro Ordered by goverment to evacuated them. Russians are attacking and destroying houses, buildings, and bridges on the way to Las Venturas and Los Santos.

Agent GM aka "Grekov Mateo". An IPCA Goverment Agent on Spetsnaz Headquarters base zone, has now to infiltrate the San Fierro, and stop all the russians for making a new invasion.
No matter what the russians are after, we must stop all of them. For people's sake, for our lives, we must seize our victory! Right here! Right now!

[NOTE]: Specially recommended with Ambient Music:

Please leave a feedbacks and comments here. I worked very hard for this. Thank you!

Archive w/Sounds Size - 9MB

Thank you guys, for giving this MP a more feedbacks, this will gonna improve my skills at designing missions. I can have more MP from this, just remember to comment and leave a feedback here. Thanks!

Battle San Fierro [Season Two]:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41211
Battle San Fierro [Final Season]: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44590


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PLAYSecronom's Playthrough and ReviewGeneral ScrotumOct 20 2016, 14:02
"Secronom's Playthrough and Review"
Not rated yet.
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PLAYBattle San Fierro - [Trailer]John DavidNov 26 2016, 08:16
"Battle San Fierro - [Trailer]"
Not rated yet.
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Added by Grand_Dyom on Dec 20 2015, 11:49
I first wow!
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Dec 20 2015, 12:45
I rate it 5 ..because I know that this MP are already Awesome. but I'll play it now !!
Added by Grand_Dyom on Dec 20 2015, 14:17
Play it.5/5 No comment.
P.S it's fucking awesome perfect exscellent :DDDDD
Added by eurylei on Dec 21 2015, 02:46
yes the battle san fierro is already here
Added by Jhan Dave on Dec 21 2015, 03:07
Thank you all, guys for your feedbacks in this MP. I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to create gameplays or trailer for it, that's okay, no permission needed for me.
Just remember to comment down here ;)
Once again, thanks.
Added by ScrayChan on Dec 28 2015, 05:43
Look Good! I will play it and rate it later :D
Added by Jhan Dave on Dec 28 2015, 06:15
Thank you! ScrayChan! ;)
Added by Woodman2 on Dec 28 2015, 12:35
10/10 - ign
Added by Jhan Dave on Dec 29 2015, 04:03
@Woodman2 - Thanks ;)
Added by eurylei on Dec 29 2015, 10:22
ok i played Battle San Fierro Mission Pack and this is the best war mission pack so 5.5,keep it up man
Added by Jhan Dave on Dec 29 2015, 13:42
@eurylei - Thanks, bro, i'll do my best. once again. Thank you for playing this and wait for the new season of this MP. Stay tuned
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 02 2016, 03:48
Thank you all ;) Designers, please give more feedbacks as much as i can ;)
Added by Clark on Jan 03 2016, 21:26
I wish I can rate it 1000/1000 but too bad its only 5/5. But Excellent Mission Pack. Its Probably the best MP I ever played... :)
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 04 2016, 07:51
@Clark - Thank you my friend ;) Hope you enjoy this
Added by MRDaris60 on Jan 14 2016, 07:29
5 STAR!!!!!
Added by Jhan Dave on Jan 15 2016, 06:39
@MRDaris60 - Thanks for the feedback, dude!
Added by Jhan Dave on Feb 07 2016, 14:09
Thank you for your feedbacks, i surely appreciated this! :)
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Mar 17 2016, 13:44
An awesome MP mate! well the difficulty was hard in some missions but well done.
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 19 2016, 12:58
@Ronnie22-94 - G, thanks for the highest feedback, bro. I really appreciated it ;)
Added by Jhan Dave on Mar 19 2016, 12:58
One more thing, don't forget to give a feedback for the trailer ;)
Added by MRDaris60 on Jun 06 2016, 14:43
Added by Jhan Dave on Jun 07 2016, 04:33
@MRDaris60 - Thanks :D
Added by GP21 AND ME ARE SAME on Aug 30 2016, 15:34
nice mission 5/5 from my side
Added by Jhan Dave on Sep 02 2016, 12:27
@GP21 AND ME ARE SAME - Thank you for your highest feedback, bro :D
Added by General Scrotum on Oct 20 2016, 13:33
So I ended up playing this mission pack. I made a video commentary of it with a final review at the end of it.

Added by Jhan Dave on Oct 23 2016, 14:23
@Secronom - Thanks for this.
Added by ceepzki on Oct 25 2016, 00:24
GTA SA : Battle San Fierro DYOM MISSION by Jhan Dave [ MOVIE Trailer] https://youtu.be/Fce00snMx3A
Added by Aftab on Nov 14 2016, 10:46
I've played BSF3 today. And that was exceptional!
- The story was very nice.
- Difficulity was acceptable. Not much easy, not much hard.
- The use of animations and gameplay was excellent.
And after playing the third part, I'll surely play both previous parts. But one thing really disappointed me. Ember become so furious to kill his best friend? Ok. Let's hope there will be another part of it.
Overall work was excellent...
Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 15 2016, 10:01
@Aftab - Umm.. This is the official BSF first series, bro. I think you're the wrong MP to post a review, anyway, thanks.
Added by Jhan Dave on Nov 15 2016, 10:03
@Aftab - And you wanna know why Ember's betrayed Grekov, then check my post on the official BSF3: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44590
Added by Green Goo on Jan 26 2017, 18:12
It's great MP, I like your work. 3/5 Star.

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