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The Intimidators

By Rendy Specter

Flashback to few days later after "The Great Triangle Gang Wars" is finished, Yoshi made a deal with Haruhi about forming an alliance through phonecall. Since Iwamura knew that the Mythic Stars were weaken due to their defeat in the last event of "The Great Triangle Gang Wars". When Haruhi is sleeping, Kagami goes to countryside for revealing the deal to Yui and Nagisa. There, she made a plan in order to fail the alliance. After that, Kagami goes to an alley in Los Santos.
She meets with Miki along with her 2 best assassins: "Assassin Y" and "Assassin Z". Kagami revealed the same deal and the 2 factions who wished to ambush it. However, at the time before Haruhi escaped to Los Santos. Miki betrayed Kagami and Mio because she had enough of Kagami's little game. Infuriated with Miki's betrayal, Kagami swears that she will do absolutely anything in order to witnessing Miki's death in front of her for one day.
Back to the present time. Kagami wanted to erase the main members of The Intimidators with the helps from Mio and Nagisa in order to takeover The Intimidators. Ever since The Intimidators had pushed The Justice away from San Fierro and taken over half of their territories in Los Santos.
Even though she had also planned wanted to kill Nagisa and Mio from the beginning. Once only the trio who stayed alive in the end in order to unleash the true power from the book of dimensional portals.

Skins (Put "LOT6DP" folder into your "modloader" inside "GTA San Andreas" folder)> https://www.sendspace.com/file/kzsg8h

This MP is a part of a Trilogy MP titled "Legend of the 6 Dimensional Portals", you can follow the official topic here> http://gtaforums.com/topic/801310-legend-of-the-6-dimensional-portals/


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