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GTA The Empire


Los Santos, 1994

Chay Mitchell is about to leave Los Santos. He lost everything and hopes moving to Las Venturas will treat him with a better life. he was just before he entered the airport found by a rich man named Salvatore who owned an empire in San Andreas who's main business is exporting jewels with guns and drugs to other countries for money. Salvatore then made Chay his personal helper and from that point on. Chay lived a happy and rich life and in the process, became the son that Salvatore always wanted.

2 Weeks later...

Salvatore hands over his empire to Chay just before he is killed by the Sicilian Mafia. From that point on, Chay swears revenge on the Sicilian Mafia and vows to kill the Sicilian boss.

You play as Chay Mitchell in every mission but you also play as Terry Kaffarov (A cold man who shows no care for Chay at the start but teachses him to fight and shoot) in one mission and play as the Sicilian boss (but only during phone chats) in two missions.

(This Missionpack is part of my canon to the GTA 3D Universe)

(EDIT: Credit to Euro Plays. This DYOM is inspired by his GTA V The Empire Season 1 series. Credit also to Heisenberg_GR. His Sicilian Leone gang members from GTA Tommy Vercetti Stories are the skins of the Sicilians in this MP so I figured to at least give credit to him)


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Added by GangstaZilla203 on Feb 14 2016, 09:12
Just completed this. I liked it. You did a good job! Glad you're finally back, man! :) I liked the whole concept, I liked the whole atmosphere of this pack! The characters were interesting; nice concept! Very story driven as well. The cutscenes were fun, and the dialogue was nice. Only thing is, I wish it was longer and had more variety + longer missions. Overall, I my official rating is: 3/5! Keep up the good work my man! :)

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