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San Andreas Warfare 2

By Ronnie22-94


First of all i suggest you play San Andreas Warfare to understand the story.

25 years later Sergeant James Powell is now old and retired, his son however Mark Powell follows his footsteps.After months of training Mark joins the SWAT Unit in Los Santos.Immediately is sent to discover a terrorist activity but when he learns evidence about their secret the leaders shot him and left him for dead.

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San Andreas Warfare 2 Parts by HeisenbergGR i'll update when the new ones come out.

Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xejHGcfw9-4
Part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_rg5sp4YOI

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PLAYSan Andreas Warfare 2 (MP) TrailerRonnie22-94Mar 22 2016, 10:45
"San Andreas Warfare 2 (MP) Trailer"
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Added by Jhan Dave on Feb 25 2016, 08:06
Fantastic MP, bro, i've never played such as like this. But this is brilliant, keep up the good work ;)
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Feb 25 2016, 12:25
Thanks Jhan Dave glad you liked it!
Added by Heisenberg_GR on Mar 23 2016, 23:07
I expected to be good but it was perfect! 5/5*
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Mar 24 2016, 09:22
Thanks, for feedback Heisen!
Added by Vladu on Apr 15 2016, 21:03
Hi Ronnie,there is a bug on Act 4 Mission 1:Military Warfare.
When you get to the airplane,after 2 seconds you fail the mission,I tried to move around,i didin't move at all,still the mission failed.
Can you please check and remake the mission? Thanks!
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Apr 16 2016, 11:39
I played the mission over 10 times to fix the bugs and i didn't personally encountered this problem.I'll check the mission again and contact you if and when i fix the problem you encountered.
Added by Vladu on Apr 18 2016, 18:46
Still happening,after 2 seconds in the airplane the mission fails.
Can you please check the mission Ronnie?
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Apr 19 2016, 11:31
Vladu i did check the mission and it works fine on me. Do you have mods or other installed in GTASA? if the problem still exists just skip the mission and play the next one.
Added by Vladu on Apr 19 2016, 13:03
No,I don't have any mods,I will skip the mission and finish the storyline,thanks for checking :D
Added by Ronnie22-94 on Apr 20 2016, 10:14
Don't mention it :) by the way check my other mission packs if you want.
Added by DennysCute99 on Apr 12 2018, 15:41
Hi Ronnie
your MP is a bit nice and then the other missions are a bit disappointing but I accept it anyway :D
Added by DennysCute99 on Apr 12 2018, 15:45
Hi Ronnie,
a reviewed user if you want you can see his facebook post

Added by Ronnie22-94 on Aug 10 2018, 12:26
Who gave you the right to upload photos and mock about other people missions?
Added by GhostGamer2000 on Sep 14 2020, 07:37
good mission :(

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