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(SE) O Mundo dos Mortos Vivos #1 (PT/EN)

By Mafia Games

Mafia Games Apresenta "O Mundo dos Mortos Vivos"


Carl é um soldado das forças armadas dos Estados Unidos, começa em Junho de 1994, San Fierro está sendo atacada
por criaturas desconhecidas, que devoram pessoas. Elas tem a forma humana, porém deformada. Dwayne seu capitão
manda Carl á uma força-tarefa em San Fierro para combater estas criaturas, porém nada dá certo...


Mafia Games presents "The World Of The Living Dead"


Carl is a soldier of the armed forces of the United States, begins in June 1994, San Fierro is under attack by unknown creatures that devour people.
They have human form, however warped. Dwayne your Captain
sends Carl to a task force in San Fierro to fight these creatures, but nothing will good...

PS: I did make a portuguese version and a english version of this mission, when your download ends, if you speaking other language, choose the folder "English", if
have wrong words, please say at the comments, I will fix!


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Added by Trilogy Games on Mar 05 2016, 15:01
Five Stars, no cry man...
Added by Mafia Games on Mar 05 2016, 16:15
Trilogy Games

Thank you, Only Give 5 stars, and get outta here!
Added by Spyke Games on Mar 05 2016, 22:42
Mafia Games

Ficou muito legal Mafia Games apoio uma continuao!/It was really cool Mafia Games support a continuation!
Added by Mafia Games on Mar 05 2016, 23:41
Spyke Games

Valeu a =D no precisa comentar em ingls no kk
Added by Loucura Gamer on Mar 06 2016, 15:38
Added by MateusDD3 on Mar 08 2016, 23:50
toma um 5 stars ae lek curti muito
Added by Mafia Games on Mar 09 2016, 01:53

Valeu ai lek!
Added by The show Games on Mar 11 2016, 21:04
Mafia Games


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