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The Golden Bullet

By GangstaZilla203

Las Venturas - the city of casinos and mafias. Get thrown into the shoes of Joey Rizzo.
A proud and high ranking mobster of the crime family: The Ferrari's. The Ferrari's have been in
conflict with two other families (The DeLuca's) (The Romano's) and one street trash gang
(The Blue Jakz) for years. But when Joey was sent to retrieve a top-secret package that all
crime groups wanted, a full-out war was unleashed upon the Ferrari family. Every mob/gang
teamed up to eliminate the Ferrari's out of existence. It's now up to Joey to show these other
crews what the Ferrari family is all about! Joey will have to use his wits and strength just to
end these gangs/mobs against him and his family. But this isn't your ordinary, everyday-crime
pack, plenty of insane/fun "Wow!" moments will be present. Hope you enjoy.



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PLAYThe Golden Bullet - TRAILERGangstaZilla203Mar 14 2016, 03:18
"The Golden Bullet - TRAILER"
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Added by QED on Mar 14 2016, 19:49
Dude, you aren't online on Skype, so i got this mesage for ya'. This shit was amazing, an 5/5 from me, because alot of work you put on it, realistic story and characters, pure action and i didn't forgot about the reputation! The only problem is in the mission where Don Ferrari kills someone ON A PUBLIC CASSINO! Who the hell wanna hide a body when the police is patroling on the cassino?
Added by Heisenberg_GR on Mar 15 2016, 21:51
I give you 3,6/5 but I rated 4/5. Good Mission-Pack!
Added by Astronauthead on Apr 04 2016, 09:04
Golden bullets don't work on wolves. 0/10 jk good job, man!

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