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The Triangle Justice

By Rendy Specter

After Haruhi killed Nagato, she can finally get herself to confront Haruka once again. Haruhi almost killed Haruka. Unexpectedly short time after, The Anonymous showed up and wrecked Haruhi's Spaz 12. Tomorrow inside the Main Base, Kagami betrayed Haruhi when Haruhi was about to go to Glen Park for refreshing her minds. Her ladyguards were holding off the traitors after Haruhi leaves the Main Base. In Rodeo, Haruka discovered that Haruhi didn't order her formerly united gang to destroy The Vortex.
After Haruhi and Haruka defended themselves from the ambush unit of The Intimidators, Haruhi immediately brought Haruka to the hospital when she suffered heavy bleeding due to the ambush. From this time, Haruhi must earn enough money to pay Haruka's hospital fee and make Kagami pay for stabbing Haruhi and Haruka in the back. Also return back to fantasy world using the remaining and hidden portal that can only be founded with the book of dimensional portals.

Skins (Put "LOT6DP" folder into your "modloader" inside "GTA San Andreas" folder)> https://www.sendspace.com/file/kzsg8h

This MP is a part of a Trilogy MP titled "Legend of the 6 Dimensional Portals", you can follow the official topic here> http://gtaforums.com/topic/801310-legend-of-the-6-dimensional-portals/


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