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Deadly Productions

By VenomDYOM

Story: In 2012 There*s a guy called Bob. Born in 1982. He is a gangster of Grove and Leader, CJ gave him.
Bob has fight with a big scene. Nisco his enemy leader of Russian Gang, In Los Santos has started Riot, Bob leave and go
to Francisco. His Tom friend has a fight with a big gang. Bikers, are a strange things and go to Grove. Nisco has been so angry of them. He kill them in 1984. Bob has been angry of Nisco. Alex Bob*s friend are a scene and president of San Francisco. Alex live in a strange small house. Bob has a very making a big war to kill Nisco!


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Added by VenomDYOM on Apr 23 2016, 20:12
who si rating this mission?
Added by marko1991 on Apr 23 2016, 22:58
I rate this mission
Added by QED on Apr 24 2016, 14:01
Nice one dude!
Added by VenomDYOM on Apr 24 2016, 17:45
Thanks Chapter 3 and 2 comming soon!
Added by adidas78 on May 15 2016, 09:25
Čini mi se da nisi svjestan da moraš komentirati na topic MOTW-a na gtaforums da ti uvaže misiju u natjecanje.
Added by VenomDYOM on Jul 07 2016, 20:32
Thank you AznKei1 For the mission-rewiewing pack :)

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