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The Ganton Bloods [COMPLETE PACK]


Storyline :
The Ganton Bloods is a gang founded by Jimmy Hardwor and Dean Stoners.Jimmy is the protagonist of this story.His best friends are Dean and Frank, which both get killed during the Storyline.The Ganton Bloods were formed shortly after the nearly breakup of the Groves, whose only territory left was Ganton, later conquered by the Ganton Bloods.The Ganton Bloods later fall in conflict with the other gangs in LS, due to Jimmy's will to extend territory.They request alliance to Varetti Family, that doesn't accept the ally request.So The Ganton Bloods conquer Varetti family's last territory, the trailer park in las Colinas.The Ganton Bloods conquer other territories.The Breakup of the Ballas gang made another gang come to the streets, the Flats, founded by the Former ballas Leader, Bradley that gets killed soon by Jimmy.The Flats ally with the Vagos and the Ganton Bloods start to lose territory.They later break the alliance between the two gangs. Dean travels to Liberty City , just to get killed by the Diablos during the clash between The Sorinos and the Diablos.The Sorinos were in conflict with the gangs in LS, so they plan to move to LS and destroy them.Meanwhile, another mayor member of Ganton bloods gets killed, Vick.Jimmy later faces Clark, the traitor of the Ganton Bloods, which gets killed in an atempt to kill Jimmy.Later Jim befriended Frank, a criminal mastermind.He soon gets killed by the Sorinos.The Vagos ally with The Ganton Bloods, and after the breakup of Aztecas, the Vagos turn on Ganton Bloods, but fail during the attack.Later occurs the Break up of the Vagos. The Ganton bloods Had lost territory. The Sorinos were marching to Ganton.They arrive and kill all the remaining members of Ganton Bloods , as most of them left the gang due to the fear.Don Paulo Sorino's son, later kills Jimmy in his own house.After the Sorinos got back to Liberty and had a party, the gangs risen up again, except the Flats and The Ganton Bloods.

*Good Characters
*Bad Characters
-Clark Mendez
-Giorgio Sorino
-Tessio Sorino
-Antonio Sorino
-Vincento Sorino
-Carlo Sorino
-Joseph Sorino
-Lucciano Sorino
- D Ice
-Varetti Leader

*Other Bad Characters
-Vinnie ( mentioned )

*Supporting characters
-Extorted business owners

You might notice Ionis1 name on the missions, well... it's my long name in real life


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