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Gangland Problems [Contest #8 Winner]

By RandomStunt

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2003, San Fierro and Las Venturas
In this mission pack, we see the gang world of San Fierro and Las Venturas through the eyes of the triads. More precisely, you play as the well-skilled Triad member Su Xi Mu, which the triads can't do without. You help triads with defeating enemy rivals in this "small" (around 20 missions) mission pack. Su Xi Mu was first only a translator for Ran Fa Li, but in 1995 Farlie left San Andreas without Suzie. Suzie now being thrown onto the street life of not being a translator anymore but a Mountain Cloud Boy assossicate, he tried to do his best to go to a shooting range regularily and improve his aim to help Woozie and his triad gang to success. Suzie had a special power in him that made him learn gunmanship really fast, helping Woozie with the problems in San Fierro and the Casino in Las Venturas. As years passed, Suzie and Woozie kept doing the same over and over while the world was changing very fast. With that, new divisions of the Triad gang in San FIerro were made, like the Fit Cobras which was made by Woozie's old associate from China, Hu Li Chan. There were new gangs forming every year, such as the Thugz which started off as just five hoodlums dealing drugs at the side of the street like it was still the 80's. But later there came more people interested in the organization and it became a street gang. The Thugz are not that big of a gang and anyone with enough power and time could wipe them out. Furthermore, The Vinci mob was formed in 1997 as a small Italian family business in Vice City, but then people started to ask for help and jobs and started getting recruited. In 2001 the Vinci Mob traveled to Las Venturas to take over Caligula's Casino after the sudden hit on a guy named Paulie, the previous owner at that time, which wasn't part of any organization so anyone could take the chance to take over the casino. The Triads have been having quite a conflict with them too.

This mission pack will also feature sound for most, if not all, missions. But mostly they are minor Ambience songs that only play during the cutscene.
This mission pack will include (Optional) skins. If skins are not installed then you see the skin i would choose for that character if i could not use mods for this mission pack.

GTAForums topic for additional info and Skins and SD Download links.


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PLAYWalkthrough by Heisenberg GR (Part 1)RandomStuntJun 11 2016, 23:53
"Walkthrough by Heisenberg GR (Part 1)"
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PLAYWalkthrough by Heisenberg GR (Part 2)RandomStuntJun 11 2016, 23:53
"Walkthrough by Heisenberg GR (Part 2)"
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PLAYWalkthrough by Dhiman/FES04RandomStuntJun 11 2016, 23:54
"Walkthrough by Dhiman/FES04"
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PLAYWalkthrough by alifjenius RandomStuntJul 21 2016, 17:16
"Walkthrough by alifjenius "
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PLAYWalkthrough by alifjenius (Part 2)RandomStuntJul 25 2016, 00:07
"Walkthrough by alifjenius (Part 2)"
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PLAYWalkthrough by SuperBoy Canal InchisRandomStuntDec 28 2016, 22:08
"Walkthrough by SuperBoy Canal Inchis"
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Added by RandomStunt on Jun 11 2016, 22:43
Special thanks to andrej for helping me upload it on this site. I couldn't.
Added by QED on Jun 14 2016, 11:35
Nice storyline.
Added by Fatin Ilham on Jun 16 2016, 18:31
Hmmm,So nice,I played it
Added by DYOM21 on Jun 22 2016, 15:47
is this finished? because i made a video of it and ending was unclear?
Added by RandomStunt on Jun 23 2016, 18:33
English, please.
Added by RandomStunt on Jun 23 2016, 18:35
Yes, it's finished if that's what you're asking. The rest i can't decipher.
Added by leandro santos on Jul 22 2016, 20:42
http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43507 esta missao esta com vozes em portugues
this mission this with voices and sounds
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Jul 29 2016, 03:16
dope asf fam 5/5
Added by Roxie on Oct 29 2016, 22:59
I Give You 5 Stars
Added by Cj man on Jun 19 2017, 11:54
Download a storyline in dumping ground called grove street is terroriest - it is best of best storyline
Added by JulioToons on Jul 21 2017, 18:46
how do I download it
Added by Deidara1259 on Aug 03 2017, 12:45
why is the folder empty for me?
Added by Skatersaints on Jun 06 2018, 17:49
GTA Chinatown wars
Added by partyaksh vatsal on Jul 22 2018, 12:33
Please tell me how to save it. I am not getting the diskette anywhere.
Added by Maverhec on Jan 22 2019, 10:35
Hey, random stunts. Please tell me how to save this one, I don't get the freakin diskette anywhere, and the whole storyline is damn long to play it in on go!

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