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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Prequel

By Rockstar Team

Hello, dear DYOM'ers. This is the storyline that explains what was going on in San Andreas before CJ came back (by my way) You're playing as Jeff. You want to become the gangsta like the rest of your homies, so you're proving yourself to all of them each time. It contains 25 missions along with intro and outro. Have fun! You need DYOM v.8 to play this!


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Added by NikolaOG on Jan 03 2017, 19:28
Hey when I kill the ballas in first mission and when I need to drive Sweet,Ryder and Smoke home its just restart mission when I driving them.Please help! ˙(sry if my english is bad)
Added by Rockstar Team on Jan 03 2017, 22:21
I test every mission before I'll release them on this site. First of all - please make sure if your DYOM version is the newest one. Besides that, there shouldn't be any problems :D
Added by Rockstar Team on Jan 04 2017, 00:41
Also, it's best to play DYOM in the fresh non-modded copy of GTA: SA :)
Added by NikolaOG on Jan 04 2017, 09:57
Yeah my dyom version is 8 and in gta sa i have just modded sounds,no vehcile mods,guns,skins.I don't know why it just restart mission when i driving them home.
Added by Rockstar Team on Jan 04 2017, 19:28
Damn, then I don't know as well, nobody else doesn't have this problem. Maybe you can find what's going on when you type this problem in Google. I wish I could help.
Added by NikolaOG on Jan 05 2017, 10:54
I reinstalled dyom and now it's working thank you :D
Added by Rockstar Team on Jan 07 2017, 02:03
Good to know, have fun playing :D
Added by zgames on Feb 25 2017, 20:27
hello how can i make these mission storyline into separate missions
Added by Rockstar Team on Feb 27 2017, 23:58
That's a little tricky job. You have to load a mission from DSL in the DYOM menu and once you load that mission, you must save it. This needs to be done for all missions.
Added by CyberDreamcast500 on Sep 11 2018, 21:56
Why is OG Loc so badass in these missions?
Added by Witherer on Nov 20 2019, 12:46
This story and the Codename: Zulu are the best! Honestly, your cutscene timing is just perfect
Added by Grove Street 4 Life on Aug 13 2020, 20:12
hey rockstar team why is there a bug in test drive mission? it makes me so frustrating fix this problem right now

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