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V for Vinegar is a new experience in dyom, blending survival and action to tell the story of two characters and a modern political crisis. Six months after a tragedy affect the population of San Andreas against the government, cities are abandoned, the habitants ran away to other states and the only survivors are members of factions who kill each other for supplies.
In this context, Yuji, a japanese immigrant cold and brutal, and Mari, a very astute and curious girl, must work together to find allies of an organization on a long journey after a political reform in the state of San Andreas.


(Huge thanks to Keyes_DYOM for retrieving this one for me)

Official release notes:

- V for Vinegar uses a lot of the capacity of dyom. To avoid lag, close all the programs of your Windows when you play the MP.
- The SD has 275MB of sounds to improve your experience. Download it to have the feel of being in a real game.
- This is a survival MP and, different from many others, it doesnÂ’t have things like visible checkpoints or marcations in enemies. But for those who are not familiar for this kind of MP, there is a lot of tutorials who will help you to get used to the world of VfV.
- You may find some bugs in the gameplay, since itÂ’s a huge MP. But it wonÂ’t ruin your experience. Just reload the mission in the case of a bug or if you leave somehow the scenario.


- The self-justice: (50%)

Complete the main story of V for Vinegar without cheats.

- Gimme a second: (10%)

Solve all the puzzles of V for Vinegar without cheats.

- I got it: (5%)

Get all the 8 access cards through the story mode.

- Just a couple of millions in difference: (5%)

Find at least 20 bags with money in the state.

- We gotta keep our eye open to these stuff: (5%)

Get all the 4 notes around the story.

- You can kill men and also their ideas: (5%)

Hit at least 100 headshots in the whole story.

- Join to the Blackout: (5%)

Finish the final confrontation in less than 2 minutes.

- The ammo wasn't ink: (5%)

Get at least 25 pickups of weapons around the story.

- See what we can find: (5%)

Get at least 10 pickups of health and armor around the story.

- The good member: (5%)

Post a commentary leaving your feedback saying what you think about the story.

Main topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/838425-v-for-vinegar/
Multi-language project: http://gtaforums.com/topic/838425-v-for-vinegar/page-2#entry1068719494
Survival manual: http://gtaforums.com/topic/838425-v-for-vinegar/?p=1068846331
Friends/Enemies and factions: http://gtaforums.com/topic/838425-v-for-vinegar/page-2#entry1069119857

Leave your feedback in the commentaries about the MP. Constructive reviews will also be well accepted here.


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Mar 10 '23


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PLAYLaunch Trailer THBPDec 13 2016, 19:22
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PLAYStory trailerTHBPDec 13 2016, 19:22
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PLAYIt's all goneTHBPDec 13 2016, 19:23
"It's all gone"
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PLAYOpen beta demonstrationTHBPDec 13 2016, 19:24
"Open beta demonstration"
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PLAYGameplay by Johan YesuroonJohan YesuroonOct 06 2017, 15:54
"Gameplay by Johan Yesuroon"
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PLAYSP's Project reviewTHBPJan 11 2017, 01:23
"SP's Project review"
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Added by Trilogy Games on Dec 13 2016, 03:44
Where is the PT-BR version?
Added by Aftab Adeel on Dec 13 2016, 10:54
At last, after a very long time...
Added by THBP on Dec 13 2016, 19:25
@Trilogy Games: PT-BR version coming soon.
@Aftab Adeel: Hope you like it. xD
Added by Aftab Adeel on Dec 15 2016, 15:19
Excellent use of cutscenes, excellent placement of objects. Everything was exceptional. Great MP! I'm sure it will break all records. BTW how you used Notepad ++ to edit a .dat file?
Added by VenomDYOM on Dec 18 2016, 17:14
I played all the missions, i like them alot, ilike the name of the character Yuji, it's really Japanese.
Added by ForelliCJ on Dec 27 2016, 09:31
it looks promising,very cool
Added by GT_Explosion on Jan 13 2017, 03:44
I have been waiting for this for a long time, I was not disappointed. The mission pack is full of action and 4th wall-break. I can say that this is one of my most favourite mission pack of all time. Well done THBP :D
Added by Ballas Gang on Jan 30 2017, 20:53
Great work ! I really love ur missions and you are so pro ! Bro !
Added by MasterBR on Jan 31 2017, 00:22
Como instala o audio ;-;?????
Added by Roxie on Feb 06 2017, 11:07
Loved It 5/5
Added by Franklin1234 on Feb 21 2017, 13:31
nice mission check my Account i have one mission download it i dont have screenshots in an little minigame! But you are so Good Nigga :))
Added by Franklin1234 on Feb 24 2017, 13:52
Added by Green Goo on Mar 04 2017, 13:58
The MP is so amazing! I love it! It became on of my favorite MPs! 5/5
Added by Kishore on Mar 16 2017, 14:35
Added by zafran on Jun 06 2017, 10:57
ultimate story man please make v for vineager 2 please hare are 5.thankssssssssssssss for thease
Added by Johan Yesuroon on Oct 05 2017, 05:15
Best mission pack I ever played
Added by Opie_Gamer on Oct 08 2017, 09:19
nice :)
Added by DeAdLy PyThOn on Oct 21 2017, 06:04
Fking awesome!
Added by Houd on Dec 11 2017, 15:00
The tutorial is absolutely unneccessary.
Added by Paw3xon on Dec 20 2017, 21:28
Man... that was... awesome... totally awesome! Make more storylines! :D
Added by graci123 on Sep 14 2018, 00:28
i like you mision
Added by Witherer on Nov 26 2019, 01:33
Can I play this with SilentPatch Build 29 by Silent? I'm about to start REAL soon :D
Added by CykaBear on May 21 2020, 00:26
spanish version?
Added by KnockBackPlayer99 on Jul 09 2020, 15:56
Great storyline! I found the easter egg with Big Smoke's corpse and his car damaged. :-D Awesome, everything! Great! Thanks!
Added by .lk on Oct 24 2020, 17:50
muy buena la historia por mi un 10/10
Added by RaXo (old account) on Nov 15 2020, 16:05
v for vagin-
Added by Tzigans on Apr 24 2021, 03:11
I don't know what to say... It's amazing! The story was very good! The gameplay was awesome to experience!

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