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winrar format damaged ayuda-help

By darthblack66

diganme si saben cual es el problema sobre mi archivo que no me anda el formato


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Apr 27 '17


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Added by AbbyDabby on Apr 24 2017, 02:07
Subilo al Mediafire o Crea un video en Youtube
Added by darthblack66 on Apr 24 2017, 02:09
ok y con 7 zip nunca lo intente funcionara talves ?
Added by darthblack66 on Apr 24 2017, 02:10
hasta incluyocuando subo imagenes o en mi perfil no se ven se ve el icono de imagen por defecto pero chiquito mira en mi perfil toca en mi nombre y lo veras abbydabby
Added by AbbyDabby on Apr 24 2017, 04:01
Si a mi tambien me pasa, No eres el unico

Y intenta, Nunca lo intente con 7 Zip tambien

Lo siento por la tardanza, Estaba haciendo un DYOM.
Added by Aftab Adeel on Apr 24 2017, 09:18
Hi there!
We have a gtaforums section of DYOM. That is for the general discussion related to dyom. Join it here!
http://gtaforums.com/forum /263-dyom/
It holds a weekly contest named as 'MOTW' (Mission of The Week)
Check it here
http://gtaforums.com/topic /817386-official- motw-discussion-thread/page- 5#entry1069480805
Comment up in my profile if you want to ask something.

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