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Heist of the Empires - Chapter 1

By thegtaman531

This is the first chapter of my mission series "Heists of the Empires"


Leon Edison is part of a criminal crew, pulling off a series of audacious heists across Las Venturas. The crew was once an unknown name, robbing gas stations and banks but soon developed and went on to perform heists across the various casinos of Las Venturas, giving them a name for themselves across the Venturas criminal underworld. With this status they've earned, the crew have soon come to learn that one minor screw-up can lead to having many enemies. Now Leon must cope with keeping friends and family out of danger, while putting his enemies in danger. It's the survival of one thief truced with a small amount of allies, against an army of killers set outo to eliminate Leon Edison.

Chapter summary: Starting in the midst of a string of consecutive successful casino heists across Las Venturas, we are introduced to Leon Edison, a wise gunman who is a part of the crew pulling off the audacious and risky heists. However, one crew member accidentally reveals their identity to Lester Drake, a cars salesman that also leads a gang of goons. Drake takes advantage of this and threatens to kill each crew member if they don't give him a share of their take from each following heist, stirring trouble among the crew.


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