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The Lost Town Season 1 Act 1

By Doraemon

The Lost Town in San Andreas for a zombies are attack you for a you need Survived the Zombies! you play with Scott and CJ! can do you survived!
Act 1 For a last one. when have a Lost Area has be get continue to the Desert! you don't know!
Mission 1"For a last one" Bad news for the dam a Zombies has be come!
Mission 2"The Dam" Scott has reach the Dam and just find get in unknown
Mission 3"Slient Building" You has play with CJ for a Escape for Da Nang Boys
Mission 4"Brujas for the Safe house" Safe house has are in Las Bruja you need get this!
Mission 5"The Unknown Building"Cj has get out the Building
Mission 6"GANG WAR!" Oh no! Gang war is start for a unknown guys!
Mission 7"Rampages for zombies" It's just clear zombies for Rampage and Survived This!
Mission 8"Act 1 end! and update The Lost Town" It's just update and Thank for playing
This Mission pack for a English Enjoy! :D


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Jul 01 '17


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Added by Doraemon on Jul 01 2017, 17:29
Please Rating or comment this Act 1 i will make Act 2 for Season 1

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