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[MP] V for Vinegar: American Spring


Password to the .zip file in Mediafire: "vfvas"

Warning: Strongly recommended to play the main story of V for Vinegar. This is a playable DLC and you might not understand some aspects of the story if you haven't played the main story yet. Player discretion is advised.

Different standpoints shows the immensity of a huge tragedy that killed hundreds and was the starting point for the riots in San Andreas. Familiar faces returns to resume an essential relationship in this brand new DLC of V for Vinegar. Play again as Mari and a new mysterious protagonist in this prequel of the main story, which continues to explore themes of survival-action, love and loyalty.


DYOM upload is facing problems lately, so if the file from the website is not working, use this link of Mediafire to download the pack. It also includes the soundtrack of the SD folder.



Official release notes:

- V for Vinegar: American Spring uses a lot of the capacity of dyom. To avoid lag, close all the programs of your Windows when you play the MP.
- The SD has 45MB of sounds to improve your experience. Download it to have the feel of being in a real game.
- This is a survival MP and, different from many others, it doesnÂ’t have aspects like visible checkpoints or marcations in enemies. Tutorials are disable this time, so it's strongly recommended that you play V for Vinegar before this DLC.
- You may find some bugs in the gameplay, since itÂ’s a huge MP. But it wonÂ’t ruin your experience. Just reload the mission in the case of a bug or if you leave somehow the scenario.


- This is what life is about: 50%

Complete the eight missions of V for Vinegar: American Spring without cheats.

- Stuck at the trash: 10%

Solve all puzzles of V for Vinegar: American Spring without cheats.

- Business people: 10%

Find 10 wallets through your journey at the club.

- Deep search: 10%

Get at least 20 pickups around the story.

- I think we need a fatality: 10%

Hit at least 30 headshots in the whole story.

- The bravest member we ever known: 10%

Post a commentary leaving your feedback after playing the pack. Support it.

Main topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/892482-mp-v-for-vinegar-american-spring/
V for Vinegar: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/45447

THBP, work in progress


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Added by TheXProyect on Aug 08 2017, 05:48
One of the best MP's I ever played.

Epic, sir.
Added by Green Goo on Aug 08 2017, 13:41
Now I understood the whole story of VfV series. Btw, this was an interesting DLC. Keep up your outstanding work! 5/5
Added by THBP on Aug 26 2017, 01:05
Mediafire somehow blocked the download due to copyright (?)

Re-up added.
Added by General Scrotum on Dec 25 2017, 15:01
Congrats on winning Best Mission Pack of 2017.
Added by THBP on Dec 25 2017, 20:36
I tried hard to edit this topic now that is pinned, but there is no way to add an archive and screenshot, apparently, even with the upload bug solved by Patrick. You guys will have to keep downloading it in Mediafire alternative link.
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 27 2017, 12:43
Revolutionary, - Martin Strada. 5/5
Added by DennysCute99 on Dec 27 2017, 17:56
Nice =)
Added by BrasilDyom on Jan 04 2018, 01:08
Um Pouco de BR Nesses Comentários seria bom xD
Added by GT_Explosion on Mar 10 2018, 05:58
This is one of the best and most talented dyom makers for the game. Bravo to you sir. Really well done :)
Added by Viotelli on Sep 27 2019, 05:04
Pretty good. I am Just coming back to dis game so I wouldnt know (; but Good for what Ieve seen so far in the dumping Grounds!

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