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[MP] The Game: Season 01 [COMPLETE]


Season 1 - The Hexagon

Warning: This chapter is fully composed by cutscenes, having a lack of gameplay parts. I had to made it like this due to the 19 characters who needed only 8 missions to be introduced. It's asked patience to the player to pay attention in the dialogues to know all the characters of The Game. Gameplay will be added in the next Chapter.



In the year of 2025, new forms of conflicts, caused by the law of the extinction of most part of the paternal restrictions on children in the development phase of their personalities, reach different individuals and their subjectivities. They all need to learn how to play The Game to fit in with these conflicts and live together to show their socially acceptable personality to the world, as they articulate secretly to conquer their desires, aspirations and ambitions as they learned before: with few restrictions and scarce rules.
Story follows a trainee group, with people of different ages and tastes, and their struggle to get a job opportunity in the most famous company in San Andreas. But what was supposed to be a normal class with parties and friendships turns into a cruel dispute for a job opportunity, besides personal interests and maniac personalities.


The Game: The Game is difficult to reduce to a simple concept, but we can say that someone plays the Game when breaks purposely the rules, of the Company or even the society, on his own benefit and articulates to it remain a secret;
The Hexagon: Joint of the six groups of The Game: The Butteflies, The Crows, The Hawks, The Lions, The Owls and The Tigers;
POVs: Playable character of a specific mission.
BnS - "Buy and Sale": is the Company responsible for the Game. The program of intership separates the 20 trainees in 6 groups, and the one who most produce in benefit to the Company wins a job opportunity. The Company have made specific rules to the intership, in order to help the pursuance of the program;
Alliances: the most realiable relation between two groups. Groups in alliance can exchange info about others and help the ally in case of difficulty to remain in the Game. By the rules of the Company, the groups can do only one alliance with another;
Peace Treaty: a neutral treaty for the groups involved. Groups in peace treaty can only exchange diplomatic info when it's necessary. By the rules of the Company, the groups can do only one treaty with another.


In The Game, the players are 20 trainees who dispute a job opportunity in the known BnS, a Company of the City Hall of Los Santos. They're divided in 6 groups, each one representing the animal symbolism to define their professional profiles. The group that gets the higher score in the Company is selected to the job. But what was supposed to be a clean competition turns into a machiavellian game, where all the groups tries to strike the other down, all of that for one purpose: win The Game.

THE BUTTERFLIES: Brooke, Jane and Leonard
THE CROWS: Jason, Michael and Nathan
THE HAWKS: Dana, Mark, Richard and Samuel
THE LIONS: Ashley, Chloe, Paul and Sophie
THE OWLS: James, Jasmine and Rodric
THE TIGERS: Arya, Emily and Juliet

To more info about the groups, go to the main topic of the pack.

Main Topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/898021-mp-the-game/

THBP, work in progress


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Added by Green Goo on Oct 24 2017, 15:03
You put a lot of efforts on this, and you deserve 5 start! Good luck on the 2nd Chapter. :^:

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