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Hour of Fury [MP] - Chapter 1

By VInterPath

Chapter 1 - Calm Before The Storm
Designer: DelawareK

Thanks for downloading the first part of the mission pack. It will contain 7 missions, that are introductory to Hour of Fury. The second chapter is under development and will be released soon. Enjoy.

To play this mission pack, you need to have DYOM v8.1 installed, to guarantee the best experience without involving any unnecesary technical failure (crashing etc.).


Life is very colorfull. Some people live their whole lives without doing anything they or other people can be proud of, and eventually after death comes knocking on the door, the only thing left of them is an ordinary tombstone with their name written on it, aswell as some memories that their siblings, friends, loved ones hold from fading away, until they eventually do. Other people are what most of us ordinary people would call "heroes". They sacrifice almost everything they have to secure a future for humanity and are remembered by many generations. Their name is written in gold letters and their sacrifice is never considered in vain. Though all would be well and simple, but life is not always like that. A lot of people have done big things and made great sacrifices for the greater good of everyone, but their name never appeared in a history book. This story tells us about a young man in his early 20's, by the name of Martin Silverband, who lived an ordinary life in the city of San Fierro, but after the Third World War broke out, he had to make serious decisions of life and death for the sake of himself and other people, including his siblings, friends and loved ones.


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Added by StradaBoy on Nov 05 2017, 08:02
Played the first missions, those missions were so long and add a lot of writings, variety. The introduction were nice made, but my favorite scene is with RPG, I will give nothing, before i complete this chapter, anyways, good luck!
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 16 2017, 17:59
Finished the 1st Chapter, all must say is there's a lot of writings in missions which takes a lot of spending time, just like Jimmy's mission series, I know this chapter is still on Introduction, there no a lot of action going on, it's tiny, the plot of this mission series is my promising, I like mission series which includes Military theme, the object placing is good too, and I want to say, how are you spending time while finish designing the mission? Those missions were still average, my revie
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 16 2017, 18:00
My review is 3/5 - Not bad.
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 16 2017, 18:43
Next time try to add some action going on, I want to see what happens next in the 2nd chapter, I don't know how Martin can handle this, good luck :D
Added by Steve Rogers on Nov 24 2018, 00:08
how you made this poster
Added by Steve Rogers on Nov 24 2018, 00:09
send me in my profile in gta forums LINK:


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