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TKOLS: Chapter 2 - The New Rules

By Martinovich

Chapter 2: Finished!

Welcome, DYOM'ers! today is my day to create a new series, those series were helped by three members: Eddy4312, LODoesGames, Yasir RFL, special thanks to them, they were great!

Lance Reed is a mechanic member in Ocean Docks, LS. His work to get a car and upgrade it. Second of all, Lance Reed bored without action like shooting, race, and driving. He's 24 years old kid who loves his work. His journey will cause a lot of casualties...

1996, Los Santos
The Place where you can do everything, crime, robbery, extortion. The mechanic Lance Reed is working in Ocean Docks with his old buddy Ajax Sean. Lance likes to make an action, but he's not going to army, his life to get some wheels. You will follow Lance Reed's stories in LS, and he will cause a lot of misery

Topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/900593-the-king-of-los-santos-storyline/

1. The New Rules (_intro)
2. Serious Fire (Fire_)
3. Drugs (Drugs)
4. Catalyst (Catalyst)
5. The First Entry (First)
6. The Wasted Street (Wasted)
7. The Chosen One (Chosen)
8. Let the game begin.. (Game)
9. Madd Dogg's Rhymes (Rhymes)
10. Night out (Night)
11. One Step Closer (Closer)
12. The Return of Veteran (Return)
13. Night Live (Live)
14. Chasing Dario (Chasing)
15. The Emperor (Emperor)
16. Fighting Bad (Fighting)
17. The Ship (Ship)
18. Burning South (South)
19. The Wrong Deal (WrongDeal)
20. Russian's return (Russian's)
21. The Return of Rinos (RIP)
22. An Alliance (Alliance)
23. ''The Eight Men Standing'' (Eight)
24. ''The Lone Foxes'' (End of c2)

Martin: For creating this MP
LODoesGames: For helping me with designing the series
Eddy4312: For helping me with designing the series
YasirRFL: For helping me with designing the series
Dutchy3010 and PatrickW: For creating a mod: DYOM
Seemann: For creating Cleo, without Cleo, dyom won't work properly.


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PLAYTKoLS II. - Demonstrational WalkthroughMartin StradaDec 18 2017, 15:13
"TKoLS II. - Demonstrational Walkthrough"
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PLAYTKoLS II. - Demonstrational Walkthrough2Martin StradaDec 24 2017, 13:51
"TKoLS II. - Demonstrational Walkthrough2"
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PLAYTKoLS II. - Demonstrational Walkthrough3Martin StradaDec 30 2017, 11:57
"TKoLS II. - Demonstrational Walkthrough3"
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Added by Soap Mactavish on Dec 20 2017, 13:34
Great bro! 4 stars! Keep up!
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 20 2017, 14:12
Thanks, it's still on DEMO. Wait for a full version.
Added by GuerreroX on Dec 20 2017, 14:40
4/5 Dude!I Wish this will series will be good Than THE FLATS.
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 20 2017, 14:41
Lol, never. BK90 has a style with gameplay stuff, but I'm don't have his improvments, so don't mind that this is best storyline than The Flats.
Added by IsiX123 on Dec 26 2017, 19:42
Great storyline. Can't wait for the full version :)

Added by Martin Strada on Dec 27 2017, 08:59
Thanks for your support, we're nearly at the end of C2
Added by Martin Strada on Dec 30 2017, 12:18
The new Demostrational Walkthrough is out!
Added by Martin Strada on Feb 11 2018, 13:03

- Deleted some unfinished missions
- Mission triggers are fixed
- DSL mission names are fixed
Added by DMartu (Martín) on Jul 08 2019, 20:15
Look man, I've tried your Storyline, and the truth is that your work has surprised me. I'm also an experienced mission creator, and I thought about translating your Storyline into spanish.
Contact me DMartin#2473. Thanks for all Bro.
Added by YourName 2 on Apr 20 2020, 16:55
good ch.2 mission martin
Added by Mahmoudhs on Aug 06 2022, 15:07
BUG in "The Wasted Street" mission
when two cars support come, they cant be killed.
i killed the enemies but red arrow stays on cars!!!!!!
Added by Martinovich on Aug 08 2022, 13:06
Destroy them. @Mahmoudhs
Added by KINK T on Sep 19 2023, 15:51
lame sooooooooooooo lame bro wft you call this a storyline play my mission poor to rich now go play it and see what a real storyline is kid

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