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[MMP] - Gangster's Underground

By Martinovich

Mini Mission Pack designed by Martin_Strada.

In this mission pack, you will play as ballas member Lucas Green, he was served in Ballas for 3 years and then, Lucas flight to Liberty City for 5 years. After those 5 years, when he came to his hometown hood, he saw some strange activities in Ballas territory, dealers are everywhere, now Lucas has to fight the gangs to bring back the strong gang: ''Front Yard Ballas''. In this mission pack, you will fight with your enemies, like Grove Street, Crack Dealers, Aztecas, and Vagos. Lucas's friend and Balla members will help you to kill the enemies. You will get a task from your taskmates, or with your friends. It will consist about 3 chapters included all counted 8 missions.

Topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/904725-the-gangsters-underground/


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Feb 14 '23

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Rated 14 times, Average 3.14

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PLAY[TGU] Reveal GameplayMartin StradaJan 29 2018, 13:26
"[TGU] Reveal Gameplay"
Rated 5 times, Average 3.4

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Added by TheRyder on Jan 28 2018, 16:03
Good Plot,Good logo,Good Mission.5/5.
Added by sl66kayloo on Jan 28 2018, 16:06
Nice job 5/5
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 29 2018, 12:50
Thanks, guys. The 2nd mission is coming soon.
Added by Alex_Magana on Jan 29 2018, 13:51
I am curious if you created the mission yesterday why your "Views" are 23378 and your "Downloads" 318 Imao did your views got hacked smh? XD

OM: I will test mission soon.
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 29 2018, 13:53
It's a bot. I don't understand how the hell did I get a lot of views, really.
Added by Chaos17 on Jan 30 2018, 14:27
This was really good
Added by CrisPK on Jan 30 2018, 21:29
Camera movement was nice to watch, I like it the most from mission and overall it was good with only few mistakes but.. for fu*k sake dude, why u, re so lazy?!?! I'm sure you can make it better but again you want to release missions too fast, you have knowledge but you never use 100% of it :D
Added by Martin Strada on Jan 31 2018, 04:43
@Chaos17: Thanks for your support, man.
CrisPK: First of all why i would to be lazy guy? It doesn't make sense if i being lazy I will not design any missions. So yeah, thank you too.
Added by Yasir RFL on Feb 13 2018, 14:50
Badass and long, full of action and thrill, nice story and names. Thanks to Great Martin for giving us this awesome mission. And a huge thanks to YasirRFL for offing the BB Code. 5/5
Added by Yasir RFL on Feb 13 2018, 14:53
Added by Martin Strada on Feb 13 2018, 15:05
Yo guys why did you forgot to turn off the bb code? Also thanks yasir.
Added by Martin Strada on Feb 13 2018, 15:05
I had enough...
Added by Nafil on Feb 14 2018, 17:30
You got little inspiration for this mission from me right ? hehe, nice mission btw!
Added by Martin Strada on Feb 15 2018, 12:27
Yeah, I like your gang ideas, since you canceled Filip's project now I will do it similarly, is that ok? lol.
Added by Martin Strada on Feb 16 2018, 14:51
2nd mission is out, please give some rates!
Added by GTA SA gamer on Mar 02 2018, 15:09
Hey Martin, is this mission needs a GTA Underground Mod
Added by Martin Strada on Mar 03 2018, 07:32
No it doesn't. It's original.
Added by StradaBoy on Mar 27 2018, 20:39
Wow lots of bots eh? Why dont you just go fuck youselves and play and rate seriously?
Added by Rhixz on Jun 09 2018, 14:05
Good Mission my friend hope you like my mission too :D
Added by Rhixz on Jun 09 2018, 14:10
And please if you play my mission can you upload in youtube :D and i have one more account in here stradaboy is markandreirico2

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